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I never thought we'd reach the day when I'd have to tell my children that there was a time in this country when both Democrats and Republicans, going all the way back to President Harry Truman, would stand unflinchingly, shoulder-to-shoulder with the state of Israel. 

I never thought I'd have to reminisce about the good old days in America where our most important ally could rely on consistent backing from both parties in Washington, DC. 

I never thought it would be considered controversial for an American politician to provide full-throated support for the one solitary, free, democratic, diverse, and tolerant nation in the entire Middle East. 

But, here we are. 

Moments like these are clarifying and instructive... be sure to learn the lesson that's right before our eyes. 

In the past week, Hamas terrorists have fired nearly 3,500 rockets at civilian areas in Israel. Make no mistake, this is Hamas, and they are terrorists. They have been on the United States list of designated terrorist organizations since President Bill Clinton's administration in 1997. 

Since 2007, Hamas has been the controlling organization in the Gaza Strip. They call the shots there. And they are the ones sending rockets to kill Israelis. 

There is no gray area here. Hamas has inflicted deadly terror attacks on Israel, and Israel has defended herself and retaliated. They deserve our country's unambiguous support. 

Sadly, the Democratic Party doesn't seem quite able to do that. 

Why? Because they are under the influence of the high-profile fundraising machine known as "The Squad."

This brain trust has led the Democrats down the path of despicable moral equivalence between our stalwart ally, Israel, and this blood-thirsty terror group whose claim to fame is a handful of suicide bomb attacks that blew up women and children slaughtered for being Jews. 

All those AOC and Ilhan Omar fundraisers must really be addictive to look past the carnage and see a "both sides" argument in this obscene scenario, but Democrats have come a long way since "Give 'em Hell Harry." 

It would be amusing to watch this implosion of a once serious political party if it weren't so dangerous. And dangerous it is. Since Democrats still (barely) control the levers of power in congress, they might be able to actually have some influence on our support for Israel, and they're trying their damndest to help Hamas fulfill their dream, "from the river to the sea.

Earlier this week, Democrats threatened to suspend a sale of military supplies that would help Israel defend herself in the midst of this latest terror attack. 

"US House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Gregory Meeks is considering sending the Biden administration a letter in the coming days requesting that it delay a $735 million sale of precision-guided missiles to Israel," reported The Times of Israel on Monday. 

The action is being driven by consistently anti-Semitic Omar: 

"Allowing this proposed sale of smart bombs to go through without putting pressure on Israel to agree to a ceasefire will only enable further carnage," an anonymous Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee told the Washington Post

Note the demand to put pressure on Israel, the target of Hamas' terror attacks, not Hamas themselves, the perpetrators. 

This is the Alice Through the Lookingglass world we now inhabit thanks to "The Squad," better described as "The Hamas Caucus." 

We've certainly come a long way in one year. Actually, less than a year. It was September 2020, just eight months ago, when President Trump presided over the historic signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords between Israel and Bahrain. 

We've gone from peace in our time to "let's understand the point of view of the suicide bombers." What a difference an election can make. 

Republicans, thankfully, have stayed true to the long-standing American policy that used to be universally supported across party lines. They remain with our ally and on the side of moral clarity. But, the Democrats? Not so much. 

The only hope is that fellow Democratic members of Congress stand up to the Hamas Caucus and speak truth to power. 

Kudos to Rep. Ted Deutsch, who did just that. Deutsch, a Florida Democrat who represents a Boca Raton district that was once repped by Col. Allen West, took to the floor of the House and came just short of calling out his Hamas-friendly colleagues. 

"Shockingly, some condemn Israel rather than the terrorists. Not me. I stand with Israel," Deutsch proclaimed. Um, congressman, the calls are coming from inside your house. Look behind you... they're called "The Squad," the magazine cover models who your speaker posed with and gladly uses for community organizing and lining the pockets of your fellow Democrats' campaigns. 

Say their names. 

They're the Hamas Caucus. And they are a great visual aid to teach every American exactly where your party stands on a basic moral question. 

Lesson learned. See you in November. 

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