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Screenshot via World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum people were at it again. People were treating them like genius masterminds pulling the world’s strings, but their Davos conclave was basically a bunch of dweezels tugging something of their own. At least in the movies, the Bond villains seeking world domination were interesting dudes with attractive women. These folks look like glorified assistant deputy regional managers surrounded by women who look like those divorced elementary school teachers who try to make their students celebrate Kwanzaa.

A bunch of goosestepping sportswriters and others were outraged that NHL hockey guy Ivan Provorov refused to wear a rainbow jersey for religious reasons. I disagree with him. I think he should have simply said “I don’t feel like it” and them told them to kiss his Schumer.

Good news. We are winning.

Live and Let Whine

You know, if I am going to have my freedom stripped from me and be subjected to an endless future of oppression and beetle-eating, I need a more potent and terrifying enemy than these WEF dorks. They just gathered again in Davos, surrounded by battalions of security packing the kind of guns they don’t want you to have, sounding off to each other when not drowned out by the engine noise of the fleets of private jets these very, very social conscious people take to fly in and hector us about global warming. Remember, your ability to have a truck is killing the planet. Here’s a dirty bus that does not go where you want to go and which has a drooling hobo asleep across the seats. Also, no steak for you. Have some roach.

At least Blofeld packed a stolen nuke or a laser or something to threaten the world with. These nimrods? They have speeches and nagging. But, weirdly, a lot of people seem eager to comply instead of slapping these petty fascists silly.

The best part was when Brian Stelter, who is not only a potato but who apparently still exists for some reason, held a panel discussion on disinformation. Well, he is a certifiable expert. Tater had on a US representative (a Democrat) and some German woman who was very, very eager for the world to move on beyond that vulgar American notion of free speech. The congressman said nothing when she wistfully explained about how Americans are too able to say unapproved things. This is because, like all Democrats, the congressjerk yearns to command us regarding what we can and cannot say.

Now, if you own what liberals insist on calling an “assault rifle” – and if you do not, you should – part of the reason is to prevent people like the Teutonic tyrant from sending people with guns to shut you up and drag you away. Here’s the thing – if there was a comprehensive one-world government determined to restrict your right to speak freely, it is game on. Not when there are minor impositions on free speech – there is always going to be tension. Not where there is the ability to challenge restrictions in court or in the legislature. Just when there is no recourse to protect your rights through politics and process. That’s what the WEF is about –  insulating the power of the elites to control your life and liberty (and, of course, money) from the institutions and processes that are supposed to protect your rights. They do not want you voting in the wrong people, so an international bureaucracy must make all decisions. The legislatures? Nah – figureheads. The courts? Oh, they will control those. Look at the EU. The “citizens” of the EU – really, subjects – literally have no say in the most basic decisions of governance, decisions that were the whole point of democracy. The powerful simply take those issues and place them beyond debate. Immigration? War? Economics? Nope, off the table. You have no say.

They want to do that for free speech as well.


And the Democrats would do that here in a heartbeat if they could.

Why do you think they are so obsessed with disarming you?

Did you think it was because they want to help you…or themselves?

Wear This, Jerks

It was nice to see Ivan Provorov refuse to bow down at the altar of woke and to watch the outraged leftist masses freak out because he refused to conform. He gave a reason – his Russian Orthodox faith – which I consider an error. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. If he doesn’t want to show solidarity with whatever the pride flag du jour represents, cool. 

It's getting really tiresome how these people keep trying to insist that everyone not merely tolerate but embrace. I’ll embrace what I want, and I will not embrace anything I don’t. And if I don’t, that’s my business. Get out of my face, or I will get you out of my face.

This is good. Militance in the name of personal autonomy is exactly what we need. For too long, these glass-jawed dictators went along without a challenge. We were tolerant and polite and suddenly we were ordered to comply. But these jerks are not in my chain of command, or in yours.

These people need to kiss off. Way to go, Ivan.

Another Victory

Taking our country back will take time Rome wasn’t turned into a perverted hellhole of degeneracy and socialism in a day.

It has to start somewhere, and it is starting in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis is remaking the board of trustees at a state college so pinko that the pronouns “he/her” are outlawed, probably. But Glenn Younkin is doing his thing too. At seventeen high schools in rich Fairfax County, in the name of diversity, the administrators hid from kids that they had won National Merit Scholar status, a key to admissions and scholarships. The idea was to ensure equity, which means the kids who worked hard got shafted so the dummies did not feel bad about their dumbness.

By the way, the smart kids were 75% Asian. Ironically, we finally found the white people (libs all) who are oppressing Asian Americans.

Well, Virginia is investigating and it looks like there will be a lawsuit. Good. But what about criminal charges? We need to treat this racist crap like the crime it is. But that anyone in power even cares and is acting is a win. There are a lot more fights we must win, but this is a good start.

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