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God Bless Trans-merica

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When the creations of God begin to defy the order of which He crafted things, bad things happen.

At first none may notice, and thusly some justification as to God’s absence or even lack of existence begins to be discussed.

Invariably however it just all goes wrong.

I’m not talking about Bruce Jenner, who now has had breast installation, hormone treatment, lots of make-up/fashion advice and asked to be called Caitlyn once his tans-sexual appearance was completed. The fact that this was all done to a body that as a male dominated the competition at the highest levels of athletic accomplishment just ads to the insult.

It’s like—God was incredible enough to gift a gold medalist with unreal athletic dominance—but that person is still dissatisfied with it’s originally intended abilities.

But like I said, I’m not talking about Bruce Jenner, because by comparison he is tame.

I’m also not speaking of Rachel Dolezal, the white skinned, blonde haired woman who literally fooled all the black people she knew into thinking she was one. So much so that this trans-racial genius got herself named the head of her local NAACP chapter. And while this story is a much bigger commentary on the value of public education in ethnically saturated areas, her, “Don’t a I look a ton like Maya Rudolph” cover act was able to be pulled off for many years.

It’s a shame that she felt so not-at-home in her own skin that she felt the literal need to change the color of her skin—oddly it may now also require people to further judge the content of her character. For good or for bad—the NAACP doesn’t take kindly to whites pretending to be black, just so they can get paid! Word…

Rachel’s story is truly a victimless crime, Bruce’s not completely—there are children and family to think of, but the trans-movement they share a name and an outcome with, is disgusting beyond all measurement: The trans-abled.

Similar to Rachel deciding she felt black, so she transformed herself into a light skinned black woman, and similar to Bruce who spent a small fortune on becoming Caitlyn, it became really clear that the trans-abled felt incomplete. But their changes are beyond the imagination for most folks. You see they “feel” as though they should have been born disabled. So they mutilate themselves, remove limbs, often through staged “accidents.” After then becoming disabled, they supposedly experience the identity that they felt they should be feeling.

Their explanation? “They didn’t feel at home, in their own body.”

Not long ago mental health professionals were called to a wholly (and holy) purpose of bringing the people they treated into contact with actual reality. But mental health has become cleansed by political correctness coupled with a demand that they ignore any moral imperatives that could even be slightly seen as God-originated.

After all - your God can’t be my god - can he?

Instead of lovingly helping people understand that they may be created for a purpose far bigger than surrendering to their fickle degrees of feelings, instead of telling the truth about what it means from statistical analysis for people who make such transitions often suffering from far worse degrees of mental anxiety, instead of seeing the beauty in who they are as God created them—we just let it slide.

"Your feelings can’t be wrong,” we tell them. “If it feels good, it must be right.”

Except when it’s not.

For what possible good can it be for a perfectly normal and functional body to remove a leg—all to satisfy what has to be an errant message from the brain to the heart. Is that not just a stone’s throw from a man removing his private parts for the same reason?

Hear me—feelings are important—but they are not omniscient.

God is!

And when the creations of God begin to defy the order of which He crafted things, bad things happen.

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