Bowing Our Knees at the Name of Jesus

Posted: Dec 25, 2013 12:01 AM
Bowing Our Knees at the Name of Jesus

In exhorting Christians as to how they should behave toward one another, the Apostle Paul pointed to the example of Christ himself:

Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although he existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:5-11).

In these few short verses, the Apostle sums up the "good news of great joy" that the angel brought the shepherds when heralding the birth of the savior of the world. God had become man. Christ stepped down from his throne, condescended to become a man, and willingly suffered death on a cross, that the world through him might be saved. In this way, God's love was made manifest to mankind (John 3:16).

Indeed, the Scriptures tell us that "…God demonstrates his own love for us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom. 5:8). The bad news about the human condition is that we are sinful, fall short of the glory of God, and unable to justify ourselves before God by our own good works. But rather than leaving us dead in our sins, God made provision for us by sending his son to atone for our sins. Jesus, who was himself without sin, paid the price for our sins. Now that's good news! No wonder Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Christ.

Because of his obedience, God the Father has exalted God the Son and bestowed upon him the name that is above every name. As a result, we are assured and reminded that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That's every knee and every tongue of everyone who ever has lived or will live in heaven and on earth and under the earth. No exceptions.

That's why it is said that "Wise men still worship him." Indeed they do. Merry Christmas!