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Meet the Alt-Left

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Alt-right is becoming a term of soft bigotry whereas “alt-left” accurately describes the political ideology of today’s Democratic Party.

“Alt-right is short for ‘alternative right’,” Hillary Clinton recently told a crowd of college students in Reno, NV. She continued: “Race-baiting ideas. Anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas—[these are] all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘alt-right.’"


Hillary is only correct in stating that alt-right is short for alternative right. Historically, the term emerged from a desire for an alternative to mainstream conservatism along the vein of Patrick J. Buchanan’s libertarian-conservatism. Today, Democrats and the press use the term “alt-right” pejoratively, implying that if you support Donald Trump, you’re a white supremacist.

A strong offense is the best defense when fighting bullies. Today, our offense is to turn Hillary’s words against her. She and her ilk are the alternative-left. They have fallen away from the pragmatic Democratic ideals of John F. Kennedy and embraced a radical “power at any cost” fringe philosophy of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

Alt-Left Extremist Behavior:

Here are a few examples of the radical measures that today’s Democratic Party supports that indicate they have morphed into a fringe group:

1.) Ignoring Science: “Science-denier” is the modern Democrat’s middle name. Hillary Clinton opposed the construction of the Keystone Pipeline even though her own State Department thrice declared it to be environmentally safe.

2.) Pretending States Don’t Exist: Obama’s administration sued Arizona forexercising its own immigration laws; North Carolina over its bathroom laws. Obama’s administration also used aggressive and excessive measures to challenge California’s state authority on medical marijuana.  


3.) Coddling Thugs, Killing Free Speech: Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik stormed a gun free zone in San Bernardino, CA last December—fatally shooting 14 individuals and injuring 24.  U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatened to prosecute anyone who dared say anything that could be in any way construed as anti-Muslim—despite Farook and Malik being radicalized jihadist Muslims.

4.) Crushing Bakeries and Pizzerias: Obama doesn’t think you can build a layered wedding cake “on your own” let alone open your own bakery. So, it’s not entirely surprising that his administration wouldn’t intervene when alt-left protesters put a bakery out of business when the owner practiced her 1st Amendment right to free speech.

5.) No ID to Vote: You must show an ID to withdraw cash from a bank; buy cigarettes; purchase alcohol; patronize a bar or dance club; buy ammo; or use your credit card at the U.S. Post Office—but the government doesn’t want to know who is voting. Could politicians want to hide their attempts to buy votes from illegal immigrants?

6.) Double Standards: If a Marine had access to classified material, he or she would be Court-Martialed for failing to follow basic security procedures with that material. If that Marine deleted tens of thousands of potentially jeopardized emails before turning over her emails to the FBI, she would likely spend a decade in jail. Not Hillary Clinton! She’s the Queen of the Alt-Left, which means she’s above the law. 


7.) Normalizing Child Abuse: “As president, I will always have your back,” Hillary recently told Planned Parenthood. Democrats support using taxpayer dollars to fund the murder of a baby during the final months of pregnancy (partial-birth abortion) despite the baby showing signs of life and viability. In this objectively cruel procedure, the baby’s skull is punctured with a sharp surgical tool and its brain is suctioned, inducing the collapse of the baby’s skull and ultimately the child’s death.

8.) Security Blankets for College Students: Democrats want taxpayers to subsidize “safe spaces” so that students do not encounter intellectual diversity. The alt-left wants us to bankroll silly laws (think California Gov. Jerry Brown’s “Just Say No” law designed to stop rape on college campuses) that prevent students from exercising their 2nd Amendment right to carry concealed. Result: college students cry and stamp their feet when a professor corrects their grammar errors. Yes, this happened at the University of California at Los Angeles.  

Reality Check on Term “Alt-Right”

Polls show more Americans agree with Donald Trump on immigration than Hillary Clinton. If you’re in a majority, you—by definition—can’t be in a marginal or “fringe” group. Clinton’s claim that Trump supporters are small-minded relies on the assumption that most Americans—not just Trump fans—are hateful bigots.


Many swing voters are more frustrated with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. Quinnipiac reports that Hillary’s edge over Trump has fallen 19 points among Millennials in the past month. It’s hard for 20-somethings to see their trusted hero, Sen. Bernie Sanders, stumping for the same woman he once called a sellout to the biggest money on Wall Street.

We yearn for an alternative to big-spenders and big-cavers in the GOP who call themselves “strong fiscal conservatives” only to pass $1.15 trillion spending budgets. We’re tired of the false hope and broken promises.

Even though we may vote for Trump—who is an “outsider” that has butted heads with GOP elites like Speaker Paul Ryan (WI) and Sen. Ben Sasse (NE)—it doesn’t mean we’re “alt-right,” or  “alternative right-wing” in the way Hillary Clinton describes. We don’t fit nicely into her “basket of deplorables.”

We want common-sense border control because we care about national security. That’s not racist—it’s loving, toward both ourselves and those entering our country as visitors. Many of us have Arab, Hispanic, or Black heritage. We simply do not like Hillary’s immigration plans, such as welcoming 65,000 loosely-vetted immigrants from terror hotbeds like Syria.


Don’t let anyone call you “alt-right” in the sense that Hillary Clinton uses the term. The real radicals are today’s Democrats, who deserve to wear the scornful banner of “alt-left.”

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