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Congratulations to Univision’s Jorge Ramos on winning Victim Apprentice! You succeeded in pouting and shouting your way to the spotlight.

Victim Apprentice is a real reality show hosted by Donald Trump—without Trump realizing he’s hosting it. Contestants are C-level celebrities who crave attention but lack talent. Desperate for a career boost, they metaphorically throw themselves in front of Trump’s car as he cruises down the highway—forcing him to slam on the breaks and bump into them.


It’s a Trump Bump. It’s akin to how Hollywood celebrities used to beg the late comedian Joan Rivers to work them into her jokes. Getting nicked by a famous “bully” is a sly career move because you can win fame and fortune without natural talent or hard work.

Prior to last week, when Ramos threw a tantrum at a Trump press conference, most Americans had never heard of him. Today, thanks to a Trump Bump, he’s a household name.

At the press conference, Ramos raises his voice and begins interrogating his host: “Mr. Trump, I have a question on your immigration plan!”Uninterested in Trump’s acknowledgment, Ramos rattles on. “Ok, who’s next?” Trump says, ignoring Ramos’ rudeness. A reporter raises his hand and Trump nods for him to go ahead.

Like a jealous lover, Ramos starts squawking about his “right” to speak. Trump says: “Excuse me, sit down. It’s not your turn. You weren’t called.” Returning to the reporter, Trump says: “Go ahead.” Ramos goes ballistic: “Mr. Trump, I have a RIGHT to ask a question!”

Ramos’ birthday is March 16 and Trump hosted a press conference on August 25, yet many politicians and journalists responded to this incident as if Trump was a guest at Ramos’ private birthday bash and threw him out of his own party. Jeb Bush, for example, bleated that Ramos deserves “more respect.”


5 facts about the man Jeb Bush thinks deserves “more respect:”

1.) Ramos’ employer, Univision, is owned by a top Hillary Clinton fundraiser and supporter, Alberto Ciurana.

2.) Ciurana re-posted an image on Instagram likening Trump to racist mass murderer Dylann Roof.

3.) Ramos’ daughter Paola works for Clinton’s presidential campaign.

4.) Clinton used a personal email address and private server for official state business; kept at least four classified materials on her server—two of which were designated with the highest level of security (“Top Secret”); and mysteriously deleted 33,000 emails from her server.

5.) Fox News’ Ed Henry questioned Clinton to see if she had “wiped” her server clean prior to delivering it to the FBI and she sniffed: “I don’t know. I have no idea. Like with a cloth or something?”

Keep those facts in mind. Now, back to Bush. Is he jealous that Trump holds his own in situations where he would crumble? Remember how Bush fled his own Townhall event as soon as Black Lives Matter protestors showed up? Hmm.

Ramos’ tantrum also won him airtime on national TV, including an eight-minute primetime segment on Fox News’ The Kelly File.

Host Megyn Kelly: “Well, how does it feel to be caught in the crosshairs of a presidential front-runner?”

Ramos: “Well, well, you know exactly how it feels.” (Kelly nods.)


As the interview continues, Ramos shares his false narrative: “I follow my turn… I said: ‘I have a question on immigration,’ … and as soon as I started telling him that it [his immigration plan] is impossible, he didn’t like the question, and then he called on another reporter…”

Kelly remarks: “It’s not unusual for a reporter to do what you did.”

Not unusual? For the past six years, her Fox News colleagues have attended White House pressers wherereporters are required to sit quietly; raise their hands; and wait to be called upon by President Obama. Ramos may work at Univision, but he appears to be the exception to the universal rule that journalists behave with decorum at press conferences.

In July, Obama chastised CBS News correspondent Major Garrett with a stern “You should know better” after Garrett waited his turn and asked Obama why he didn’t negotiate harder for American hostages in Iran.

Obama is an elected official and Clinton is a former cabinet member. Both have a duty to communicate with the electorate, yet both routinely shut down courteous reporters. Trump is a private businessman with no obligation to hold press conferences and every right to quiet rambunctious reporters if he does hold press conferences.

Congratulations, Ramos. It was so big of you to show up at Trump’s press conference and throw a tantrum. You expect the world to fall silent when you speak—but couldn’t care less if Obama gags another reporter, or is spurned by Clinton. Your daughter and your boss work and fundraise for Clinton, who has proven herself to be dishonest and disrespectful toward the press. You refuse to grow up, and for this reason, you are this month’s winner of Victim Apprentice.


Share this with everyone who feels sorry for Jorge Ramos. Because it’s high time that victimhood is not a path to celebrity status in America. If Mr. Ramos starts crying, we’ll tell him—as Trump used to tell his contestants on The Apprentice: "It's nothing personal, it’s just business."

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