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The latest primaries are history, and still, State Media focuses our attention on the minutiae of delegate distribution. Like so many who are fooled by a magician’s sleight of hand, however, we fail to see what else is happening—or not happening—right in front of us.

1. In the not-so-Democratic campaign, Bernie has relentlessly attacked Hillary about her fab Wall Street speech payoffs. Early on, however, he took “the email thing off the table,” and apparently, never noticed the Benghazi lies. Is that the advice Obama gave him? Bernie could have torpedoed her campaign long ago, but chose not to do so. Why?

2. The FBI has announced its investigation could continue through the DNC convention in July. With the squads of agents working—for how long now?—one has to wonder what could possibly hold up the indictment that surely must come, but hasn’t. Why?

Some people put stock in the predictions of massive election betting pools because of their repeated successes. At this writing, for example, John Stossel’s website shows Trump with a 75.5% chance of winning the GOP nomination and Hillary with a 94.8% chance to win hers. When you consider the above, the latter should be no surprise. What’s worse, however, is that bettors around the world are putting real money on the November election, and according to the mass mentality out there, Hillary has a 73.0% shot at winning the presidency.

Though I have long thought Hillary would be indicted right after the June primaries, paving the way for Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren to “save” their party, the reality may well differ from a world where justice is done. So, let’s imagine another world, one with Hillary Rodham Clinton as the 45th President of the United States:

1. Imagine Bill living in the White House again, no doubt with interns, and all the Clinton schemes to enrich themselves at our expense expanding like an unstoppable, incurable cancer. “Contributions” to the Clinton Global Initiative pour in via various, purported laundry services. What of ours will they give away for more cash?

2. Imagine Benghazi and all the scandals connected to the Clintons being buried forever.

3. Imagine professors who begged Obama to use DOJ enforcement powers to prosecute climate change deniers using RICO—the racketeering laws (Climate Depot) begging no more, with 20 Democrat state Attorneys General campaigning, “to criminalize skepticism about the supposedly ‘settled’ conclusions of climate science,” according to George Will. Hillary’s new AG will pursue the goal by executive fiat. After all, the Obama administration effectively controlled speech via the IRS, didn’t it?

4. Imagine Hillary getting a two-fer in the Second Amendment argument: Not only will she make two or three new SCOTUS nominations—over and above a Merrick Garland confirmation in late November—she will have a court ready to impose new and alarming limits on gun use in America, satisfying her pledge, “to spend ‘every single minute of every day’ looking for ways to change the gun culture.

5. Imagine what the new SCOTUS will do with health care and life rights.

6. Imagine that transgender restrooms will have already been ruled unnecessary by Obama, and under Clinton, the attacks on traditional values will continue to drive business owners with religious beliefs out of sight but not out of memory. Pizza Memories Marcusean principles of “liberating tolerance” versus “repressive tolerance,” according to Dr. Paul Kengor in his seminal paper, “Burn It Down,” will require official, “selective intolerance.” Will the tactic be applied to more causes like the LGBTQ movement, perhaps marginalizing Judeo-Christian beliefs and in particular, conservative political expression? Will mass “selective intolerance” will become the new American way?

7. Imagine our borders remaining open and undefended, free to anyone wanting American jobs and benefits and free to terrorists zealous to vaporize our freedom from fear. Like Europe, the United States will become further dis-united and polarized, perfectly ripened for authoritarian order. Will we slip past the tipping point?

How will all of this come about? Dr. Marvin Folkertsma’s distillation of research by Tim Groseclose in his Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts The American Mind, says it all. In essence, Folkertsma reports, the “most devastating finding for conservatives and Republicans is that overall news media bias benefits the Democrats more than the Republicans to a very significant degree, about 8 to 10 percentage points in a typical election.” State Media at work represents reality, not imagination.

Then, the authoritarian progressives will rule. According to George Will, above, the same Justice Department, which has yet to indict Hillary Clinton, and which “has abetted the IRS cover-up of its criminal activity,” has referred to the FBI the idea propounded by the academics—to prosecute those denying climate change using RICO as the hammer. “These garden-variety authoritarians are eager to regulate us into conformity, … (but) they are progressives, so it is for our own good,” said Will with undoubted sarcasm. To which of our heretofore, sacred constitutional freedoms the forces of Marcusean conformity will next be applied will be at the whim of the Progressive Left, but it’s not hard to imagine our Bill of Rights disappearing within our children’s lifetimes.

And when you imagine all of this, when you picture Hillary Rodham Clinton taking the oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States,” knowing it will be, merely, another convenient lie, and when you understand this will be the new, final reality, then resolve to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, and vote for the Republican. It’s about America and the republic for which it stands…

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