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Hillary Clinton has pledged to spend “every single minute of every day” looking for ways to change the gun culture in America if she becomes president, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Clinton welcomes calls for more gun control with open arms.


While speaking on the campaign trail this week, one of her supporters urged her to use executive actions to restrict citizens from carrying firearms in their vehicles or in buildings. Clinton’s response? “Amen.”

“We need you to use your executive powers, legislate that you can’t carry guns in cars. You can’t bring guns in buildings that are not showed to carry them,” a supporter told her at a campaign event in Hartford, Connecticut.

“We need executive powers to say we will fight for life and not kowtow to the sons and daughters of Charlton Heston,” he added, referring to the former NRA president.

“Whoa, let the congregation say, ‘Amen,’” Clinton responded.

If elected president, Hillary Clinton may just surpass President Obama as the greatest gun salesman in America. 

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