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We are all in the crosshairs of Sharia. And, anyone who hates the tyranny of Islamic terrorism may passionately declare, “Je suis Charlie.” But, ultimately, Charlie Hebdo was a victim of its own politics.


The revolutionary Left doesn’t hate guns. It isn’t oblivious to the reality of evil in the world, in fact, it is the cause of much of it. The revolutionary, violent Left only hates guns that it doesn’t control. It only decries violence that is not an expedient to its totalitarian ends. In America, the Left is egalitarian and effete. They disdain firearm ownership and titter behind cocktail glasses about the gauche country bumpkins who collect squirrel carcasses and beaver pelts between bouts of churchy snake handling. Only during an election cycle, when they attempt to camouflage their blue bloodlines by being folksy will they trot out some toothy buffoon like Lunch Bucket Joe Biden, bedazzled with his quaint double-barreled squirrel gun. Among the powdered wig class, a shotgun is haute couture with its docile lines and friendly backcountry panache. Maybe the Democrat party's next benevolent dictator will let you keep a folksy o'l double-banger. But, when the network cameras switch off, and the lemmings shuffle away the powerful, famous, and wealthy of the establishment, egalitarian Left surround themselves with man-servants who bristle with firepower. Even our phony tough liberal politicians know that firearms are the surest and best means of securing personal liberty. We, the “great unwashed,” are left to fend off blood crazed jihadists with a “Hail Mary,” a pointy stick, and maybe a bit of rock salt.


In Paris, owning a firearm is a practical impossibility, at least for anyone with an interest in being law-abiding. France is a socialist nation that holds special sympathy in the liberal psyche. She is the progressivist’s shining city on a hill, complete with ponderous social services, nearly inaccessible socialized medicine, and strangling gun control. But, gun control isn’t about violent crime or terrorist attacks, saving children, or preventing accidents and if people happen to get caught in the crossfire on the way to the utopia of the preplanned and equitably apportioned, well then, that’s just the cost of doing business. What are a few dozen sheep between competing tyrannical interests? The gears of the people’s revolution have to be greased somehow. Le Guillotine must be fed for the good of the people, and to assure the ascendancy of a benevolent and enlightened aristocracy.

The world’s aristocrats, despots, and democrats are desperate to strangle this truth--the firearm is democracy itself, forged from an abstraction and smithed, as if by magic, into what Colonel Jeff Cooper called “a tool of power.” It is an expression in engineering genius, a stolen Jovian thunderbolt whose sparks have been democratically distributed to common men and women, raising them from a servitude of dependence to the nobility of self-determination. It is the bow of Apollo set to mass production and delivered to the powerless, transforming the weak and the victimized into heroes and heroines who may fell evil giants with the mere press of an index finger. The firearm is not just a product of a democratic society but it is democracy itself, since the gun is a tool of power that distributes the exercise of dominion from an ever widening concentricity, like the proverbial ripples on the surface of a pond. Any force of man seeking dominance must first defang the people who, armed with guns, are an army of kings and queens jealous of their hard-won kingdoms; it is the scepter and globe bestowed upon every man and woman, granting a personal despotism over their own lives and fortunes.


The gun transforms the fairer sex into Amazonian warriors, regardless of stature or natural capability. It negates the advantage of size and strength by which a small minority of perverse men have long victimized vulnerable women. There is no more important women's issue than her ability to pursue happiness without fear of molestation from man or beast. What good is the right of suffrage if women have not the power to defend and preserve their own bodies? What more natural accoutrement to a mother's fierce maternal instinct than the tool which confers on her all power over an aggressor? What threat does Jihadism pose when women are empowered to put Mohammad in a fresh grave? The fastest growing segment of the firearms industry relates to women and the massive explosion in their participation in shooting sports. The gun is feminist and it is liberation and vastly more useful than a box of free condoms. The Left deceives women, maligns and demonizes the gun precisely because it liberates a massive constituency from soul-crushing dependence on Democrat party dominion. Will you be empowered or subjected to power? The issue is really that simple.

It has been said that an armed society is a polite society. The American Left always presupposes that violence would not have occurred aside from the presence of a firearm. How stupid. As Gunnery Sergeant Hartman said in the movie Full Metal Jacket, "Your rifle is only a tool. It is a hard heart that kills. If your killer instincts are not clean and strong, you will hesitate at the moment of truth. You will not kill. You will become dead Marines.” As was said previously, the gun is uniquely a democratizing tool of power. But, it is just a tool among a host of tools. Man is a tool maker and, whenever possible, fights with tools. The first murder was committed when Cain slew Able, probably with a rock. Mankind is an evil genius in the laboratory of death and will avail himself of whatever is necessary to achieve his homicidal purpose. Nearly every instrument imaginable has been used to murder and maim. The most deadly school mass murder occurred May 18, 1927 when the demented Andrew Kehoe packed the basement of The Bath Consolidated School with explosives and blew 38 elementary school children to atoms. Nor were the Twin Towers destroyed by small arms fire. The point is that the liberal Left has been propagandizing with a logical and factual fallacy. Murder has occurred since time immemorial, occurs now, and will continue to occur so long as man possesses a fallen nature. No amount of legislation will ameliorate this fact. A man may murder just as efficiently with a knife or a bomb as he might with a gun. The gun control issue is only about power and whether it will be exercised by the people, or by a cadre of impudent taskmasters.


The French have long since decided to cede their natural right of self-defense to a bureaucracy that is incapable of defending its citizens at all times and in all places. Charlie Hebdo could have been located right next door to a police station and the outcome would have been the same. Seconds are an eternity in a gunfight, and Paris is a gun free killing zone, populated with sheeple stalled for slaughter. Jihadists have put the scythe to the harvest and have found the fields ripe and untended. Our major cities are gun free zones that water the mouth of any crazed Mohammedan and the joke is on you if you think your government is capable of keeping you safe. It's not a matter of incompetence, lack of effort, or unwillingness, it is just simply impossible for any government to do for you what you can only do for yourself. This is just another great liberal lie. The government cannot secure your person and preserve liberty. Americans think that they can toss aside personal responsibility and remain free. We are fools for thinking so. The weak are oppressed and the powerful rule. That is the history of man and a few soft skulls in academe and in politics can no more change that natural law than can they alter gravity.

"Je suis Charlie?" For me, not so much. My motto is, and always will be, "have gun, will travel."


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