John Boehner

John Boehner
Where Are the Jobs, Mr. President?
By John Boehner
Last week, President Obama traveled all the way to Racine, Wisconsin – a city suffering from 14 percent unemployment – ...
July 08, 2010
More American Energy Will Produce Lower Prices, More American Jobs
By John Boehner
Families and small businesses across the nation face soaring costs of living, a struggling economy, and, as expected, rising gasoline ...
April 16, 2010
New "Bloodhounds" Web Video Asks: Where Are the Jobs?
By John Boehner
Our country has lost nearly three million jobs this year and today the Labor Department will release its monthly jobs ...
July 02, 2009
Hope in All the Wrong Places
March 07, 2009 |
Creating Jobs through Fast-Acting Tax Relief, Not Slow-Moving Government Spending
By John Boehner
House Republicans met with President Obama yesterday -- the third time this month that I had the opportunity to discuss ...
January 28, 2009
Autoworkers and Taxpayers Deserve Better than Washington's Flawed Bailout
By John Boehner
Washington has been abuzz lately with debate over possible federal action to save the American auto industry from financial collapse. ...
December 16, 2008
Let's Work Together To Make America Energy Independent
By John Boehner
I spoke to President-elect Obama on the phone briefly last week. We had a good conversation. I congratulated ...
November 12, 2008
Big Labor Payoff: Obama & Pelosi Plot to Destroy Secret Ballot Rights for Millions of Americans
By John Boehner
Just days from now, voters will head to the polls facing the ultimate irony: potentially electing a President and congressional ...
October 24, 2008
Giving Parents, Students, and School Officials a Voice in the American Energy Debate
By John Boehner
All summer long, Americans have been hit hard – and continually – by high gas prices. Vacation plans have ...
August 15, 2008
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