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Michigan Secretary of State's office via AP

The Left would have you believe that massive mail-in ballots will be fine, and honest in-person voting doesn’t require I.D. Really? In 2012, The Washington Post saw fit to publish the results of a survey on voter ID. An impressive 74 percent of respondents said that voter ID, “should be required,” when asked this question: “In your view, should voters in the United States be required to show official, government issued photo identification – such as a driver's license – when they cast ballots on election day, or should they not have to do this?" 

Behind the Mirrors

Much has changed in eight years at The Washington Post and so many other media outlets that once tried to maintain some semblance of objective reporting. Voter ID is besmirched as somehow discriminatory against certain groups of people. Historically, shenanigans have occurred on both sides of the political spectrum to suppress, contort, or thwart free and fair elections. And granted, it could be more of a challenge, a minor challenge, for lower income people, unemployed people, those who’ve newly entered the workforce, the elderly, and those who are ill to make it to the polls on Election Day, or to obtain a government issued ID. 

At the federal level, and in state after state, a variety of accommodations, including early voting, absentee voting, extended hours, language assistance, disability voter accommodations, and disability direct assistance, among other statutes and strategies, help to ensure that every U.S. citizen has the lawful opportunity to cast his/her vote. Non-government, largely partisan transportation services in many locales are available as well. 

Here's a notice to those who fervently seek to contort democracy: The public “is wise" on the issue of voter ID. Apparently, one thing that the public doesn't understand is how anyone without a state-issued photo ID can function in society.

80 Activities that Require Photo I.D.

Here is a partial list of items and activities in no particular order for which you either must offer a photo ID, or for which you might be requested to offer one: 

Purchasing alcohol
Purchasing cigarettes
Opening a checking or savings account
Applying for food stamps
Applying for welfare
Applying for Medicaid
Applying for Social Security
Applying for a job
Applying for and receiving unemployment compensation
Renting a home or apartment
Buying a house
Applying for a mortgage
Driving a car
Renting a car
Buying a car
Driving a taxi cab
Driving to Canada
Driving to Mexico
Renting a hotel room
Renting a motorbike
Renting jet skis, boats, canoes, and snow mobiles
Boarding an airplane
Enlisting in the Armed Services
Applying for a hunting license
Applying for a fishing license
Obtaining a marriage license
Purchasing a gun
Adopting a pet from the ASPCA
Buying a cell phone
Visiting a casino
Entering a bar
Picking up a prescription
Purchasing certain cold medicines
Donating blood
Booking a cruise
Boarding a cruise ship
Holding a rally
Buying an "M" rated video game
Nominating someone to run for public office
Running for public office
Shipping a package at UPS retail locations
Shipping a package at U.S. Postal Service locations
Picking up a package at U.S. Postal Service locations
Buying a lottery ticket
Collecting lottery winnings
Buying an Amtrak or Greyhound Bus ticket
Sending an Amtrak express shipments
Storing baggage at Amtrak stations
Receiving veterans benefits
Taking a college placement test
Being admitted to a College Level Examination Program test center
Being admitted to Graduate Record Exam test center
Being admitted to an Law School Admission Council test center
Posting on Instagram
Being pulled over by a State trooper
Applying for a U.S. passport
Entering a U.S. Court of Appeals
Reinstating a disabled Facebook or LinkedIn account
Attending various U.S. military or space symposiums
Being accepted to a medical marijuana program
Taking a Federal Aviation Administration test
Taking an Automotive Service Excellence test
Entering the Pentagon
Visiting the U.S. Naval Academy, West Point, Quantico, etc              
Enrolling in home swapping vacation arrangements
Returning an item at Walmart or Target Stores
Receiving senior discount bus and movies fares
Receiving free immunizations for eligible children
Making a pawn shop purchase
Doing business with a local, state, or federal court
Appearing before court appointed handlers when on parole or probation
Purchasing fireworks
Visiting someone in prison
Attending an NC-17-adult movie
Receiving your own medical records
Receiving unclaimed property
Participating in most public road races
Claiming a prize from radio station sponsored contest

Tell us again how requiring a photo I.D. suppresses the vote. 

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