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When we hear news broadcasts about members of the U.S. armed forces or law enforcement professionals being killed in the line of duty, we’re instantly reminded of the sacrifices that so many have made, and others continue to make so that we can enjoy the freedoms many multitudes around the world do not have. Concurrently, the specter of corruption and lawlessness prevails in our cities and among government officials.       


Law and order matter because they are the glue by which a society can function. Without them, it does not take long for cities and towns to devolve into anarchy and chaos. What we’ve witnessed in Portland and Seattle, as well as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Cleveland, represent clear signposts as to what life would be like without law and order

Nothing to See Here         

While those on the Left do all that they can each day to minimize the extent of the municipal uprisings, with the amount of damage done and the inability of local jurisdictions to maintain control, the grim reality is that many people will run wild in the streets if left unchecked.             

If you’re among those people who are fine with what’s occurring, and you criticize President Trump for bringing in federal troops to restore order, consider how you would feel if your town, specifically your neighborhood, and perhaps even right in front of your house, overly vigorous protesters began to appear day and night.             

Suppose some of these protesters taunted you, said they’re going to take over your home, and said that your property doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to them. Would you find that to be a bit upsetting?

Dual Standards         

Violent protests and riots are one form of lawbreaking, but other forms are also troubling in a society that prides itself as a nation of laws. For three to four years, a variety of laws broken by top officials of our federal agencies have gone unpunished. No one from the Department of Justice, the FBI, the State Department, or a variety of other federal agencies who knowingly broke the law in 2016 and 2017 has yet been indicted, let alone accused, let alone referred for prosecution (as far as we know).


Of nagging concern to those on the right: The case against Hillary Clinton in 2016 for her egregious security breaches as U.S. Secretary of State, as observed by the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal among legions of media outlets on the left and the right, to this day, is still evident.           

The Obama Administration plainly let Hillary Clinton off the hook for long-running, multi-faceted, gross national security violations that merit a lengthy prison sentence. She engineered such violations to run the U.S. State Department as a Clinton-family profit center. In a nation of laws, she would have already been indicted and, likely, removed by her party in 2016 as a viable presidential candidate.

Bending the Law       

The FBI director at the time, James Comey, recommended that she not be prosecuted for extreme carelessness contributing to numerous security breaches. Such a maneuver might yet prove to be a watershed moment in American history – denoting when confidence was lost in what should be entrusted leaders and institutions, and of 'We the People.' 

Despite two ongoing FBI criminal investigations, former president Obama had already committed to campaigning with Hillary Clinton that same day that Comey handed Clinton a free pass. Nevermind the 33,000 subpoenaed emails she destroyed.            

In late 2020, with Bill Barr as attorney general, Hillary Clinton might yet face charges for her high crimes – even easier to prove with Judicial Watch digging up new evidence every week – as her numerous lies before Congressional committees are amply documented on video. If she is never charged, the biggest losers are American citizens on the right and the left.


Bernie Takes Abuse

If you're a Bernie Sanders supporter, you have the right to this day to be livid because your candidate, amidst other blatant abuses during the 2016 campaign, was denied his rightful ascension to the top of the Democratic Party. If you are not perturbed that Hillary Clinton has not been indicted, ask yourself, "Is allowing her to be above the law worth jeopardizing the values upon which our Republic is based?"

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