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The Antifa is comprised of self-avowed “antifascists,” largely young, mostly (but not solely) white millennials who dress in black and cover their faces with masks and bandannas.  These anti-Americans are the latest species of leftist political violence.


They are also domestic terrorists. Along with Black Lives Matter, La Raza, CAIR and other ethnic supremacist organizations, these anti-Americans constitute the Democrat Party’s strong arm wing.

Less militant or mainstream leftists in the Democrat Party’s unofficial Propaganda Ministry—the Fake News media—spare no occasion to make explicit, if not create from their fevered imaginations, links between Trump and Republicans, on the one hand, and, on the other, “extremists” who may (or may not) have made favorable remarks about them.  

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and everyone and anyone associated with the Democrat Party should be made at every available opportunity to expressly, unequivocally, and loudly disavow this radical terrorist organization known as “Antifa.”

On June 4, just a week or so after Bernie Sanders/Jill Stein supporter Jeremy Christian stabbed three men, killing two of them, in Portland, hundreds of patriots and Trump supporters—let’s call them the Deplorables—descended upon the city to hold a “free speech” rally.  Predictably, the anti-Americans showed up to meet them. 

Portland’s Finest helped to keep the peace—even as the anti-American thugs hurled obscenities and some other objects at them. The police made some arrests and, as reported by the Washington Post, among other outlets, confiscated an arsenal of weapons ranging from bricks, axes, and crowbars, to “dozens of sticks and makeshift clubs, canisters of mace, knives, hammers, batons and even a set of brass knuckles.”   


Yet the Post, unsurprisingly and not unlike the Democrats’ other centers of disinformation, implies that it was both the Deplorables and the anti-Americans from whom the PPD confiscated this weaponry. This is a lie. The Deplorables, as is their way, were law-abiding and respectful toward the police.  It was the anti-Americans who came armed and ready to inflict violence.  The anti-American, as always, was “the bad guy.”

It was these anti-Americans who a few days earlier released a flier that featured Donald Trump being decapitated and a call to all fellow anti-Americans to meet the Deplorables for violence. 

Yet since the Deplorables, beginning with a “March 4 Trump” rally in Berkeley in March, began fighting back against the anti-Americans, things haven’t been working out too well for the latter.

Grassroots patriots, appalled by both the viciousness of the attacks on innocents that were captured on video the month prior when the anti-Americans besieged Berkeley to suppress Milo Yiannopoulos and the unwillingness of the authorities to restore order, converged on Berkeley once more. They refused to be intimidated.  Some of them came prepared for violence, expecting for the police to “stand down” as they had in February.

In spite of the numbers against them, the Deplorables held their ground against the anti-Americans.  One person in particular, Kyle Chapman, adorned in Captain America-esque colors and sporting an American flag shield, protective goggles, a helmet, body armor, a gas mask, and, critically, a stick, instantly became an internet sensation, a meme that symbolized for untold numbers of patriots the fighting spirit needed in order to confront and defeat leftist thugs who would do them harm.


In April, another rally was held at Berkeley.  This time, undoubtedly inspired by the example of “the Based Stickman,” many more Deplorables from around the country attended. The police stood down once more as the anti-Americans, launching makeshift bombs, stones, bricks, and canisters of mace, went on the offensive.

The Deplorables, this time, didn’t just hold their own.  Being the decent, law-abiders that they are, they had already complied with the police and disarmed before they were attacked. No matter. They fought back against the anti-Americans and beat them.

And they beat them decisively.

In fact, the beating suffered by the anti-Americans was all that much more humiliating, for the Deplorables not only pummeled them; they chased them out of their hometown of Berkeley.

Two weeks later, Ann Coulter, who had sworn that she would speak at Berkeley even though the administration put her on notice that it couldn’t guarantee her safety, decided at the eleventh hour to back out (and back down).  This was a mistake. Large numbers of Deplorables from various parts of the country came to Berkeley to defend and protect Ann. They did this expecting to meet with violent resistance from the anti-Americans.

Evidently, the latter and their enablers in the city’s government learned from earlier in the month what could happen when enough people decide that they aren’t going to tolerate being pushed around any longer.  Thankfully, there was no violence.


The left, and not just its militant, extreme fringe, seeks to dominate by instilling fear in its opponents.  This is how leftists have been able to operate—until now.  Kurt Schlichter, a senior columnist for, is among those popular conservative writers who have repeatedly warned the left that it will indeed reap what it sows, that the right would fight back.  Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mike Gallagher recently, but briefly, flirted on air with the notion of a Trump supporters’ march on Washington D.C.

Why not?  Over the Memorial Day weekend, about 900,000 bikers and others gathered in the nation’s capital to remember America’s Prisoners of War.  In early February, some 400,000 people braved the weather’s elements for their annual March for Life. With just a little prodding from Gallagher and his colleagues in talk radio, they could easily arrange a pro-Trump/pro-America rally in Washington.  The numbers could very well exceed 1 million. We could call it a “One Million Deplorable” march, or maybe “A Day Without Deplorables.”

This could be an effective and peaceful way of fighting back while showing the left that the silent majority will no longer remain silent—or invisible.      


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