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The Chicago Four and the Racism-Industrial-Complex

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The “Chicago Four” kidnapping, assault, and torture of a young mentally disabled teen by four young black adults was all of the talk of the media for a day or two. Even such professional Blackists as CNN’s Symone Sanders had to begrudgingly acknowledge that this was a “hate crime,” and a consensus of sorts at least seemed to have emerged that the bound victim featured in the video that went viral fell prey to black “racists.”

Already, though, the coverage of this event has ended. This is all too predictable, for a video of blacks savaging a defenseless white while taunting him with racial and anti-Trump slurs is bad business for Big Racism, i.e. the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC). It doesn’t fit the Regime’s racial melodrama of perpetual white-on-nonwhite oppression.

Some thoughts:

(1) While it has been noted many times over, it is worth stating again: Had the racial roles of the actors in this incident been reversed, you can take it to the bank that it would be eclipsing all other news for the indefinite future. Blackist activists and their white leftist collaborators would be laboring around the clock to milk it for everything that they could get out of it. President Obama would deliver a press conference in which he would attempt to transform an otherwise anomalous white-on-black crime into a function of systemic “racism.”

But because the victim was white and his attackers black, the impulse of the “anti-racists” is to make this story go away as quickly as possible.

(2)But, but, it may be objected, President Obama did speak out on the Chicago Four kidnapping. He described it as “despicable” and “terrible” and he acknowledged that it was an act of “racism.”

“Part of what technology allows us to see now,” Obama told a Chicago CBS affiliate, “is the terrible toll racism, discrimination and hate takes on families and communities.” These racial problems, like “tensions between police and communities” or “hate crimes of the despicable sort that has just now recently surfaced on Facebook,” “have been there a long time.”

Reread Obama’s remarks carefully. Although he does indeed refer to the Chicago Four barbarity as a “hate crime,” he does not explicitly refer to it as “racist.” Those, like the president himself, who have been invariably, shamefully silent in the face of the tsunami of black-on-white crime and violence that have become staples of daily life all over the country couldn’t stay silent because of the highly publicized nature of this video. Yet they were sure to stress that the victim here was “special needs.” When Obama, Symone Sanders, and other merchants of the Racism-Industrial-Complex refer to this as a “hate crime,” they may very well mean only that this is an act of “ableism,” not “racism.”

After all, if Obama and Sanders aren’t expressly spouting the fashionable leftist nonsense that “blacks can’t be racist,” they encourage it by refusing to denounce both the cant and the black racial hostility that has become endemic in contemporary America.

There’s another consideration: Obama juxtaposes the “tensions” between police and “communities,” meaning black communities, along with the “hate crime” in Chicago. He then says that this “racism, discrimination and hate” have been there a long time and that things like this video permit us to see “the terrible toll” that they take on “families and communities.”

Given that Obama has regularly affirmed the Racially Correct fiction that black American dysfunction today is a “legacy” of slavery and Jim Crow, and given that he just as regularly states that anti-black “racism” remains a “systemic” phenomenon, his words on the Chicago Four seem designed to buttress their shared ideology: The black scumbags who victimized a vulnerable young white man are themselves the offspring of the “racism, discrimination and hate” of whites.

It is the historical “racism, discrimination and hate” to which blacks have been subjected by whites that accounts for “tensions” between blacks and police and that has extracted “a terrible toll” on “families and communities.” Granted, Obama probably has in mind here both white and black families and communities. However, the point can be easily gotten from the loose wording of his remarks that if not for white “racism,” white and black families and communities alike would be better off.

(3)The graphic nature of this video, the defenselessness of the victim and the overt racial language, made it impossible for those who would have preferred to ignore it to do so. But this instance of black-on-white violence is scarcely an aberration.

As Heather MacDonald, the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Colin Flaherty, and many others have long noted, there exists an intense racial animus among blacks towards whites that frequently manifests itself in acts of violence that are especially noteworthy for their savagery. Flaherty, the author of White Girl Bleed A lot and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, releases multiple links to videos of black-on-nonblack crime, violence, and hostility each day, every day.

Since news of Chicago broke at the end of last week, in fact, he has shared video of more black attacks, some on elderly white men and others on young white women.

Do not be surprised if we do not hear about these incidences in corporate media anytime soon. Evidently, one nationally publicized black-on-white crime per decade is about all that the media can tolerate.

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