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Maxine Waters Apologizes—But to Fidel Castro!

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“Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party. She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!” (Tweet by President Trump, June 25.)


“VIVA FIDEL!...FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” The very rafters of Manhattan’s Riverside Church shook with thundering chants honoring the racist war-monger who came within a whisker of nuking the Riverside Church (and everything for miles around it)--some years earlier.

“FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FIDEL! --VIVA FIDEL!” The overflow crowd (which included Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel) could hardly control their excitement at finally seeing –in the flesh! -- the mass-murderer who craved to nuke their nation and denounced it as “a vulture preying on humanity!”

“VIVA FIDEL!--VIVA FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” Shortly the delirious ovation (from the mostly BLACK crowd) rose to the level of an earthquake – to a hurricane. The very walls of the Riverside Church shook with shrieks of "FIDEL! VI-VA FI-DEL!!" in honor of the jailer and torturer of the longest-suffering BLACK political prisoners in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere.

“VIVA FIDEL!...FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” continued chanting the relentlessly “progressive” crowd at America’s most notoriously “progressive” church—in honor of the jailer and torturer of the most black, women and gay political prisoners in the modern history of the Western hemisphere.

“VIVA FIDEL!...FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” When the Beatles played at nearby Shea Stadium in 1966, the hysterical adulation was called Beatlemania. Then what to call this (mostly Black tumult) for the dictator whose sidekick Che Guevara sneered at blacks as “lazy, frivolous and averse to baths”?


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” the enraptured crowd added in honor of the mass-murderer’s birthday a week earlier.

"I came to Harlem,” deadpanned the smiling mass-murderer as the welcoming tumult finally waned on that memorable Harlem evening of Sept. 8, 2000, “because I knew it was here that I would find my best friends." Sadly, no cameras were focused on Maxine Waters’s face at that moment. But if you recall Ann Margaret’s face while gazing at Conrad Birdie—you probably get the picture.

Astoundingly, two years prior to her whooping-hollering, hand-clapping, foot-stomping participation at Riverside’s Fidel-Castro-Worship-Service, Rep. Maxine Waters seemed to suffer a teeny-tiny lapse in her adulation for the mass-murdering terror-sponsor whose lifelong dream was to nuke her homeland:

“My brothers’ feeling of hatred for this country (the U.S.) cannot even be imagined by you Americans,” marveled Fidel and Raul’s bewildered sister Juanita while testifying to the House Committee on Un-American Activities upon defecting in June of 1965. “His intention — his OBSESSION — is to destroy the U.S.!”

Two years prior to joining Manhattan’s Castro adoration rite, you see, Maxine Waters had voted in favor of a congressional resolution calling on Castro to kindly refrain from harboring fugitives from U.S. law, including convicted cop-killer Joan Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur.)


But Maxine Waters caught herself in the nick of time. Dear President (all italics mine) Castro,” she wrote on September 29, 1998, “I am writing to clarify my position on a resolution recently passed by the United States House of Representatives on September 14, 1998. I, and some of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, mistakenly voted for House Concurrent Resolution 254 which called on the Government of Cuba to extradite to the United States Joanne Chesimard and all other individuals who have fled the United States from political persecution and received political asylum in Cuba. Joanne Chesimard was the birth name of a political activist known to most Members of the Congressional Black Caucus as Assata Shakur. For the record, I am opposed to the resolution. I unequivocally stated that a mistake was made and I would have voted against the legislation.”

The New Jersey police department explains Joane Chesimard’s “political activism” here: “On May 2, 1973 New Jersey State Troopers James Harper and Werner Foerster were patrolling the New Jersey Turnpike in the area of East Brunswick and stopped a car with three occupants. The Troopers were questioning the occupants when the driver and female passenger suddenly came up with semi-automatic pistols and opened fire. Trooper Foerster was struck twice in the chest, and Trooper Harper was hit in the shoulder. The female (Joane Chesimard) then proceeded to take the service weapon from the injured Trooper Foerster. She pointed it at the wounded Trooper and shot him twice in the head, execution style. The thirty-four-year-old trooper with just three years on the road died soon after. He left a wife and family behind.”


The New Jersey police department also explains the proceedings of Chesimard’s “political asylum”: “In 1977 the female shooter was convicted and sentenced to life plus 26 to 33 years in prison. On November 2, 1979 in the daylight hours this convicted murderer was serving her time when she was taken from her cell to the visitor’s area to meet with four people who had come to see her. It was a setup. The four visitors took a Corrections Officer hostage. They then took a prison driver hostage. Using the hostages, the visitors helped her escape. She eluded capture for several years until 1986 when she made her way to Cuba. There she was granted political asylum. She has been there ever since.”

The Castro-Family-Fiefdom provides haven for over 50 fugitives from U.S. law, including several on the FBI's most wanted listed. Along with convicted cop-killer Chesimard, Cuba harbors convicted cop-killer Charlie Hill, along with Victor Gerena, responsible for a $7 million heist of a Wells Fargo truck in Connecticut in 1983 as a member of the Puerto Rican terrorist group Los Macheteros. Guillermo “Willie” Morales who bombed Manhattan’s Fraunces Tavern in 1975 killing four Americans also lives like a celebrity in Cuba. For decades all requests by U.S. authorities for these criminals’s extradition have been laughed-off by Maxine Waters’s terror-sponsoring friends.


But of course, according to the likes of Maxine Waters, these aren’t criminals at all. Instead they’re mere “political activists.”

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