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How on earth can Donald Trump propose (to a thunderous ovation from sea to shining sea) a blanket ban on Muslims entering our country --and yet support Obama’s “normalization” with Stalinist, terror-sponsoring Cuba, Iran’s closest hemispheric ally and a base for Hezbollah?

"50 years is enough…I think its fine. I think it's fine…The concept of opening with Cuba is fine," said Donald Trump back in September.

Actually most Cuba-watchers know how. Next to nobody in the U.S. cares about Cuba, reckoning it utterly irrelevant to their daily lives. Furthermore, most Americans haven’t the slightest clue how Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants could be affected by “normalization” with Cuba, by the President’s “rectification” of a “long-failed” policy against this rinky-dink and inoffensive banana republic, or so the media paints it.

In brief, regarding the terror-sponsoring totalitarian regime on our doorstep that pulled off the biggest and most brazen armed burglary of U.S. property in history, who tortured and murdered Americans both at home and in North Viet-Nam, whose senior military officials were indicted by U.S. courts for the gratuitous murder of U.S. citizens, who managed the deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Dept in recent history, who steals and traffics in U.S. military secrets, who came closest to nuking us, who facilitates the entry of hundreds of criminals, spies and potential terrorists onto our soil—regarding this place most Americans (thanks largely to the mainstream media) qualify as “low-information” voters.

“Wait a minute?!” Some readers say. “What was that last point again? The one about facilitating the entry of potential terrorists onto our soil?”

Thanks for the cue, amigos. Thought you’d never ask. Now here’s a recent story in the Washington Post (no less!)

“Over the past two months, travel agents in Kabul have been surprised by Afghans showing up at their offices with Cuban visas, which are suspected of having been issued in Iran or acquired on the black market.

Other agents in Kabul also report a spike in interest in Cuba, and U.N. officials in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz say they recently encountered a family with Cuban visas. Havana has been a way station in the past for South Asians hoping to transit to Central America and from there to the United States.

“Ten or 15 people have come just since January asking for tickets for Cuba,” Sayeedi said. “And they are not staying there. The only option is to move forward, probably on to Mexico and then America or Canada.”

Some Canadians have caught on to the racket:

“Iran is collaborating with Venezuela and Cuba to exploit the seams in the Canadian immigration system,” documents Canada’s Center for a Secure and Free Society. “From 2009 to 2011, Latin America was the largest prior embarkation region for improperly documented Iranians migrating to Canada. Venezuelan authorities provided at least 173 passports, visas and other documentation to Islamist extremists seeking to slip unnoticed into North America.”

Nowadays “Venezuelan authorities,” actually means authorities from Venezuela’s colonial overlords: some of the 50,000 KGB-trained Cubans who essentially run Venezuela’s military, police and foreign policy sectors. This item has been thoroughly documented in the bombshell “Panama Papers” and was recently disseminated in a crackerjack investigative report by Capitol Hill Cubans: “as recently confirmed in the Panama Paper leaks, Venezuela's passport and national ID systems are completely controlled by Cuba's regime.”

As part of his much-celebrated “normalization” (even by Trump) with Cuba, Obama has proposed 110 daily flights from TEN different Cuban airports directly to the U.S. The screening of these thousands of (presumably normal) passengers from ten different Cuban airports into the U.S. has been entrusted by Obama to the (presumably “normal”) Stalinist-Terror-Sponsoring regime that runs Cuba.

“WHOA!” gasped U.S. Rep. John Katko (R-NY) the Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security who led Congressional hearings on this matter this very week. Actually Rep. Katko expressed himself in more properly congressional language: To wit: "This (policy) leads me to believe that the administration is either hiding something, or worse, simply negligent of the security concerns associated with this (Cuba) policy."

And speaking of Donald Trump. His friends over at the National Enquirer-- the same ones that linked Ted Cruz’s father to Lee Harvey Oswald and (thus) to JFK’s assassination –these fine folks are now linking me with a report about a new sex video featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The video was shot by Castro’s secret police in Havana during the couple’s recent visit for the taping of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians, they claim. And they cite me as a source!

Yes, during an interview a couple of years ago, I told the National Enquirer that this was standard operating procedure for the Castro regime, to try and secretly video all important political and celebrity visitors for the purposes of blackmail. This was (and is) standard KGB-procedure too.

But despite the wording in their article, I never claimed that they got one of Kardashian and West. In fact during that interview in 2013 I stressed that getting good communist propaganda from the type of American politicians and celebrities who visit Cuba hardly requires blackmail. From Steven Spielberg to Jack Nicholson to Kim Kardashian, and from Patrick Leahy to Bill De Blasio to Jeff Flake —such people are MORE than happy to promote further enrichment for the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate—and all on the house.

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