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George McGovern Snubbed by "Old Friend" Fidel Castro

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This week a heartbroken George McGovern left Havana without a visit with Fidel Castro, who was busy tending to his cancer-stricken Venezuelan Sugar-Daddy. "Castro is very shy and sensitive," gushed McGovern after his first Cuban visit in 1975. "I frankly liked him…. It might seem hard to believe, but I spent a total of 14 hours with him. By the end of that experience I felt I really knew the man and I felt that he knew me, and we've had a rather friendly relationship ever since."

"Everywhere we were surrounded by laughing children who obviously loved Fidel!" wrote the rapt gentleman from South Dakota about an "impromptu" jeep ride he took with his Stalinist host upon his first Cuban visit back in 1975.

So let's step back for a second. The political party (Democratic) that governs the "land of the free" (United States) hails George Mc Govern as its "Conscience," "Elder Statesman," and awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2000. This "conscience" and "Medal of Freedom" winner then hails a Stalinist dictator (Fidel Castro) as his "good" and "old friend."

For the record, McGovern's "friend" jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin during the Great Terror, murdered more Cubans than Hitler murdered Germans during the Night of Long Knives, and craved to nuke U.S. Presidential candidate George McGovern's very homeland. Say Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan had boasted of friendship with Augusto Pinochet (whose toll of alleged murders, is dwarfed by that of Castro's documented murders--and who somehow always refrained from trying to nuke us.)

Might the Media-Democratic–Propaganda-Complex have noticed?

Say Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman had words of praise for former South African president P.W. Botha owing to the great healthcare the Apartheid regime provided Black South Africans. Might the media find the item worthy of mention and snarkiness?

Interestingly, according to UNICEF statistics, infant-mortality rates for South African blacks were in fact lower and life-expectancy rates higher, during the Apartheid regime than afterwards. Conversely, pre-Castro Cuba had the 13th lowest infant-mortality rate in the world. This put her not only at the top in Latin America but atop most of Western Europe, ahead of France, Belgium, West Germany, Israel, Japan, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Today all of these countries leave Communist Cuba in the dust, with much lower infant mortality rates.

And even plummeting from 13th (capitalist) to 50th (communist), Cuba's "impressive" infant mortality rate is kept artificially low by Communist chicanery with statistics and by a truly appalling abortion rate of 0.71 abortions per live birth. This is the hemisphere's highest, by far. Any Cuban pregnancy that even hints at trouble gets "terminated."

Needless to add, George McGovern thunders against U.S. economic sanctions against his friend's fiefdom. Needless to add, in the 70's Senator George Mc Govern thundered for U.S. economic sanctions against Rhodesia, South Africa, Chile and Nicaragua. Granted, the gentleman from South Dakota had done his homework: the former regime craved to nuke the U.S. and trained and funded every terrorist group who craved to murder us. Whereas the latter were all U.S. Cold-War allies.

"I wouldn't let a handful of noisy Cuban exiles in Florida dictate our foreign policy!" ranted George McGovern during a speech in 2004.

I’m guessing that by "noisy Cuban exiles" Sen. Mc Govern means those insufferable American citizens of Cuban heritage? I'm guessing that by "dictate" he means their insufferable habit of "voting?" And note his term "our foreign policy." I'm guessing this means U.S. citizens of Cuban heritage do not qualify for inclusion within that "our"?

Say Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman implied that U.S. citizens of Palestinian or Mexican heritage were inherently "foreign" and should be banned from voting. Might the media find the item worthy of mention?

I do not question McGovern's political instincts. In fact they're eminently sound. In banning Cuban-Americans from voting, this "Conscience of the Democratic party" has a sound prescription for his party's fortunes. To wit:

Exit polls show that Cuban-Americans voted against Obama by the highest margins—and by far—of any U.S. ethnic group, including "anglos." We're going on almost 50 years of their exile but not all the King's Horses nor all the King's Men have been able to bring Cuban-Americans around to follow the lead of the majority in their adopted country and register Democratic. Even with the third generation registering to vote, a measly 13 per cent of these incurably obtuse and unenlightened people register with America’s majority political party. This is the most diminutive Democratic registration of any ethnic group in the U.S. And 72% of these obviously incurable reactionaries are registered with America’s minority party (Republican). This is the highest for any ethnic group in the U.S.

During candidate Obama's campaign visit to Miami summer of 2008, a huge crowd clapped deliriously at the Democratic Messiah—while outside the convention Hall, Cuban-Americans marched and waved picket signs denouncing him. This was the first instance of such irreverence towards The One during this campaign.

To add insult to injury, a formal letter drafted by five major Cuban-American organizations at the time, including the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association and Cuban Political Prisoners Association called Obama’s candidacy "an affront" to their very sensibilities! Nothing remotely of this sort had been mounted by properly-assimilated Americans on any campaign stop by the Democratic candidate.

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