Hannah Giles

Hannah Giles
Mainstream Media Ignores Juicy ACORN Nuggets
By Hannah Giles
The “Pimp and Pro” story, exposing ACORN’s willingness to advise a prostitute on tax evasion and child sex trafficking, hit ...
October 28, 2009
I've Heard of a Flat Tax, but a Flatulence Tax?
By Hannah Giles
From a freedom-loving perspective, it appears President Obama has the economic sense of a six-year-old child. Obama and his faithful ...
June 29, 2009
The Truth is Too Scandalous for YouTube
By Hannah Giles
“We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view…” This statement can be found on ...
September 23, 2008
Don't Be a Zombie: Question Your Leaders!
By Hannah Giles
It is 2008: time once again for the great American presidential debates. Well, at least time for their ...
August 26, 2008
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