George Mullen

George Mullen
Protecting a Critical US Navy Base from the Rising Threat of China – Part 2
By George Mullen
China's recent hypersonic missile test and Russia's missile destruction of an orbiting satellite should be alarming to all Americans, especially ...
November 19, 2021
Time for Immigration to be Woke, Fair and Equitable
By George Mullen
It is long overdue that immigration (legal and illegal) into the United States be made fair, equitable and inclusive to ...
October 06, 2021
Replacing Joe Biden with Leon Panetta Could Save America
By George Mullen
America is in serious danger.  President Biden is not mentally competent to fulfill the duties of office, and we all ...
September 19, 2021
Is Biden’s Incompetence Sowing the Seeds of Military Unrest in America?
By George Mullen
In the attempt to read the tea leaves of what our future may hold (a murky exercise at best), it ...
September 14, 2021
Afghanistan Needs 100,000 U.S. Troops ASAP — Peggy Noonan is Dead Wrong
By George Mullen
America has just made one of its worst foreign policy mistakes in its entire 245 year history.  If left as ...
August 23, 2021
Protecting a Critical US Navy Base from the Rising Threat of China
By George Mullen
The United States Naval base in San Diego is one of the largest and most important in the world, especially ...
July 07, 2021
America Should Demand $25 Trillion in Reparations from China
By George Mullen
China knowingly hid the truth of what was happening in Wuhan in late 2019 thus unleashing the greatest global pandemic ...
February 18, 2021
What If Big Tech Was Censoring Black Speech Instead of Conservative Speech?
By George Mullen
What if Big Tech was censoring black speech instead of conservative speech? And what if Parler was primarily an African-American ...
January 16, 2021
Though Inglorious, Trump Remains One of the Most Effective Presidents in U.S. History
By George Mullen
President Trump has reached the ending catastrophic scene in his Shakespearean tragedy playing out on the world's stage. A man ...
January 10, 2021
A Violent War Against the Tech Monopolies is on the Horizon
By George Mullen
The next major war is almost never fought in the same manner as the previous one. In 1940, Britain and ...
November 16, 2020
America’s Second Civil War Has Already Begun
By George Mullen
America’s second civil war has already begun — sans the real shooting (and abject carnage), at least yet.  If you ...
July 27, 2020
America's Shutdown Is Economic Hemlock
By George Mullen
When Socrates swallowed hemlock in 399 B.C. he already knew the outcome. The United States, on the other hand, is ...
April 14, 2020
America's Economic Engine Will Defeat the Coronavirus, Not Fear
By George Mullen
In order to defeat the Coronavirus we must restart America's economic engine — and we must do so now.  Continuing ...
March 20, 2020
Federal Leadership, Local Control – A Bold New Homeless Strategy
By George Mullen
The large response to my recent article The Case for a Federal Government Takeover of America's Homeless Crisis merits further ...
February 13, 2020
The Case for a Federal Government Takeover of America’s Homeless Crisis
By George Mullen
It is estimated that at least 550,000 Americans are now homeless.  Over 165,000 of them are wasting away, suffering on ...
December 03, 2019
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