Hillary's Sycophants

Posted: Sep 04, 2015 12:01 AM
In New York and Washington, spotting Hillary Clinton staffers is easy. Just look for dogs who prefer to sniff people's noses instead of other dogs' butts. Those people will be Clinton's staffers. Based on a reading of the various emails released so far from her private email server, Clinton surrounded herself with some of the most professional brown-nosers outside of Hollywood. Clinton could do no wrong.

She was fawned over, made over, praised and glorified. If an event happened anywhere in the world that was positive, she was given credit by her staff. If an event happened anywhere in the world that was negative, staff told her that if only she had been listened to it never would have happened.

Inside the Clinton bubble, Clinton was the female Jesus Christ who walked on water and was without sin. Her campaign, surrounded by much of the same staff, has lost the ability to perceive of Clinton as the rest of America perceives her. The most recent example is this tweet, sent from Clinton's campaign last week: "Born September 1, 1933, Ann Richards was the 1st woman governor of TX in her own right -- and a fighter for families."

Look at the phrase "in her own right." Clinton has to say that because Richards was not the first female governor of Texas. The first female governor of Texas was Miriam Amanda Wallace "Ma" Ferguson, who became governor in 1925, after the impeachment of her husband. She ran again in 1932, serving until 1935.

Clinton's campaign had to use "in her own right" for Richards because "Ma" Ferguson, as she was called, was elected largely based on the popularity of her husband. Her 1925 campaign took advantage of the campaign slogan: "Me for Ma, and I Ain't Got a Durned Thing Against Pa."

Only sycophants would think that tweet wise. After all, no one would have a clue who Clinton is were it not for her husband. Her entire career has been based on one degree of separation from Bill. She ran for the Senate while still in residence at the White House. She used as her campaign accomplishments things she did while in the White House.

She is only now trying to run a campaign as her own woman, when she originally got elected by being Bill Clinton's kept woman. That her campaign staff have become such brown-nosers that they cannot even admit the reality is just another indicator that they live in a world not composed of reality.

Clinton has no real friends surrounding her. They are friends of convenience who ride her coattails -- they are users. She has been in a bubble since she stopped driving back in the '90s. She is reliant on others for all aspects of her life. She has entered that special place where she can happily confuse friends with users addicted to the drug of proximity to the Clintons.

Everyone needs a jerk in their life -- a friend who tells them they have screwed up, who is not required to kiss the ring or bow before the throne. Those are the indispensable friends. Unfortunately, either Clinton does not have them, or her courtiers have made sure they are never in proximity to her to tell her the truth. Instead of driving to Iowa, Clinton should drive away the courtiers and see who is still there. But then, she might be afraid to find out.

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