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How Do We Save America From the Obamunists?

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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It’s hard to think about what is the root cause of the current sad state of affairs in our country without taking a serious look at the ‘leadership’ in our nation’s capital. Both major political parties have failed Americans miserably for decades. The policies pursued by both the Democrats, and to a lesser extent the Republicans have brought us to the brink of financial collapse, weakness, and international ridicule and disrespect.


Both political parties are guilty of plunging America into a level of debt that is unsustainable, and from which we may never be able to dig ourselves out of. Debt that will be affecting the quality of life for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. Truthfully, for several generations beyond that, if we are even able to survive as a Constitutional Republic.

Government bloat and spending is completely out of control. A legitimate argument could be made that the Defense Department, State, Justice, Treasury, maybe Interior, and the intelligence services are the only government agencies that we really need. All the others could be absorbed or discarded completely. Certainly times change and the world has changed since our nation’s founding when smaller government was sufficient to meet our national needs. But are we really well served by the huge bureaucracy that has been created? Are we really getting our money’s worth?

Other than the voters in her district who keep sending her back to Congress every two years, do many Americans think that Nancy Pelosi earns her paycheck? How about Joe Biden? He likely spends more time asleep at his desk or in Delaware than he does ruminating in the Oval Office over our nation’s woes.

And what more can be said about Kamala Harris? If her paycheck were based solely on stupid remarks and comments, or her cackling laugh at the most inappropriate moments, then we’d definitely say that she is underpaid! Any number of career Republicans as well could be called out as oxygen thieves, collecting a paycheck and contributing nothing of substance for the good of the country.


As a nation, in just a couple more weeks we have the opportunity to take a small step towards fixing our country which has been in decline for decades. Morally, fiscally, and internationally. I certainly don’t believe that our problems can be resolved with just one election. Elections alone won’t fix what ails our country. It’s going to take much more than casting a vote for the Republicans to retake control of the House and Senate.

It’s going to take accountability as well. If Republicans gain control of both the House and the Senate they have a moral and patriotic obligation to hold people accountable for what has been done to get our country to where it now is, at the precipice and very close to destruction from both outside forces, and even more threatening from forces within. No matter how high it may go, there can be no sacred cows anymore. Those Obamunists who have worked so hard behind the scenes must be investigated, prosecuted, convicted, and severely punished. It’s a cancer that must be excised.  That is the only way that our future as a nation can be assured.

The moral decline in our nation must also be addressed. Things that once were considered deviant, even criminal are now championed by the Democrats and the Left. Young children are being exposed to behaviors that are the right of the parents to decide when, or if they want their children subjected to. There comes a time when the good people of this country must stand up and demand a return to more traditional morals in our schools, and in our society as a whole.


Our nation’s past of racial discrimination and bigotry that had been mostly overcome were reignited in 2008 when Barack Obama first ran for president. He spent the next eight years creating more racial animosity and division than any politician since before the American Civil War. Decades of progress was destroyed in just a few short years. We must return to the racial sanity our nation had achieved before the subtle, and in some cases overt racism brought on by the Obamunists.

We must bring an end to the war on police created by Barack Obama and his minions. It’s time to stop painting the law enforcement profession with a broad brush as being all racists and white supremacists who abuse and discriminate against minorities. The police are what keeps anarchy at bay, and serves and protects Americans and their property. Much damage has been done, but certainly not insurmountable. There’s enough good, decent, hard-working cops out there who are willing to take back our streets. We need to give them the tools, and the support to do so.  It won’t be pretty, but police work rarely is.

Our news media is shamelessly biased and needs a major housecleaning. Fair and impartial reporting of the days’ events must be brought back so that Americans can review the information and make their own informed decisions. Certainly ‘opinion pieces’ like this one have a place, but they should be separate from hard news reporting. There should never be any political bias in the news media, just report the news and let the people decide what to make of it.


Yes, America is a nation of immigrants. A nation of LEGAL immigrants. Republicans must take the steps necessary to repair the damage done to our national sovereignty by the Democrats, hold people accountable, and secure our borders. Create a viable guest worker program that actually works, and hunt down and deport those criminal elements who gained entry through our porous southern border created as part of the Obamunists’ “fundamental transformation” of America.

We can return our country to greatness again, but it is not going to be easy, nor achieved in the short term. It took decades of indifference on our part to get us where we are. It’s going to take more than just one election to get us back on track. But this great American experiment is something worth saving. Why else would so many people want to come here?

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