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Title 18, Section 2381 of the United States Code covers the crime of ‘Treason’ as committed by an American citizen against the United States of America. If you read the actual statute it clearly states in part that a person commits treason by “providing aid and comfort to our enemies.”

I don’t think it’s a difficult argument to make that Army Private First Class Chelsea Manning, then known as Bradley, indeed provided aid to our enemies when she released thousands of highly classified documents which identified military operations, tactics, and even sources that were working for and providing intelligence information to our combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Apparently the military courts thought so as well which is why she was convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to decades behind bars at the Ft. Leavenworth military prison in Kansas.

But with the stroke of a pen, remember that famous “phone and pen” that Barack Obama bragged to us about, Manning’s sentence has been commuted to basically ‘time served’, and she will be released in May of this year. Long before her sentence was scheduled to conclude and her debt to society and those in uniform was paid.

Likely in response to their obvious disdain for him, as one last insult and slap in the face of America’s Uniformed Services, Barack Obama has told America’s military what he truly thinks of them by commuting Manning’s sentence. Obviously the departing president doesn’t think very much of those who protect this nation, considering he is freeing an individual who placed those very soldier’s lives at risk.

And apparently all done by Manning because she was not a very good soldier to begin with – I hesitate to even connect the word “soldier” to Manning - who was more of a whiny malcontent who simply was angry at those who commanded her, and just wanted to get even. There was nothing noble or courageous about what Manning did. It was simply duplicitous and cowardly.

As has been his policy from day one of his time in office, supporting and pursuing a “social justice“ agenda has always taken priority over defending the nation for Barack Obama. Which is why he tinkered with and forced unpopular social policies on America’s war fighters. It’s clear to those in the military that as their Commander in Chief Barack Obama has never had their backs. He has merely paid lip service to it.

As his favorability numbers continue to drop, particularly now with the military services, Barack Obama’s true colors are becoming more and more apparent to the rest of America as well. And they’re not liking what they see.

Like the sullen little boy who finds out he’s being dismissed from the team because he’s not any good and will no longer be allowed to play, the petulant little boy appears to be stamping his feet, shouting out loudly “I’ll show you!”, and taking his ball and going home. And he appears to be determined to leave behind as many ‘land mines’ for his successor President-elect Donald Trump as he can.

The one thing that Barack Obama hasn’t counted on though is that Donald Trump and the fine group of people he has selected to surround himself with aren’t of the same caliber as Barack Obama and his minions. While Obama’s actions might serve as a small temporary obstacle in some cases, they will not distract the grown-ups in the Trump administration from cleaning up Obama’s mess and moving the country finally in the right direction. One hundred eighty degrees opposite from the phony social justice agenda pursued for eight years by Barack Obama and his ‘Majordomo’ Valerie Jarrett.

I say “phony social justice agenda” because that’s exactly what it was. Real social justice is a good paying job, and the opportunity for a quality education so that you can get that good job and have a chance for a rewarding career and future. Just signing dictums and giving orations isn’t going to accomplish much on its own, and that is all Obama offered. No real leadership either domestically or internationally, which is exactly why Obama never accomplished a damn thing of value in eight years in office.

So while Manning won’t be hanged for treason and will soon be able to sashay out of Ft. Leavenworth with book publishers, all the media elites, and likely the gals from over at ‘The View’ clamoring for the chance at an interview, the rest of America will simply view it as one last slap in the face of America by a president who is thankfully gone, and very quickly forgotten.

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