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Every single day it seems that more negative and derogatory information comes out about both major candidates for president, and much of it clearly criminal in the case of Hillary Clinton. Based on “legitimate” polling, Americans simply think Hillary Clinton is corrupt and dishonest. She’s viewed as a liar by most people, it’s as simple as that.


A perfect example is the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal that refuses to go away. There is no other explanation for her destruction of e-mail records than that she was attempting to destroy evidence of criminal conduct. One simply doesn’t destroy potential evidence after receiving a Congressional subpoena, unless they are attempting to obstruct justice and cover up illegal, unethical, and embarrassing information from reaching the public. Richard Nixon lost the presidency for that.

It’s also interesting to note that during her previous testimony to the FBI investigating her private e-mail sever, the former Secretary of State responded to specific questions about her activities by saying “I don’t recall”, or “I don’t remember” countless times. A well-known tactic that a lawyer would be familiar with, and often used by individuals who want to avoid later on being charged with committing perjury, and with lying to the FBI.

The fact is that Hillary Clinton also blatantly mishandled and compromised highly classified information, clear violations of federal government regulations and federal law, regardless of whether “intent” is present or not. According to one e-mail that we know of there definitely was intent! Instructions were given by then Secretary Clinton to an aide instructing him to remove classification headings before sending a document on to her over her private, unsecured, unencrypted server.


Not to mention all of the evidence that has started to come out regarding the Clinton Foundation’s money laundering activities, which has helped enrich the supposed “dead broke” Clintons with millions and millions of dollars. It would not be a stretch to start calling Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the people they have surrounded themselves with as an on-going criminal enterprise falling under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

You can add former President Bill Clinton’s record as a serial sexual predator to the list of criminal activities the Clintons have been involved with. And while Hillary didn’t commit the sexual assaults that her husband is responsible for, she clearly was involved in intimidating victims and witnesses to help cover for her husband’s crimes, which are also serious violations of the law.

Certainly there are some concerns about Donald Trump who has a few problems of his own creation. But considering the deluge of last minute “October Surprises” coming out about Donald Trump, it leads one to believe that it’s all false and just part of a desperate attempt by the Clinton campaign to discredit her opponent. And that is why Trump needs to simply dismiss the allegations and focus on the things Americans really care about.

Any concerns about Trump pale in comparison to what has been done by Hillary and her most senior aides and advisors. Hillary Clinton simply is the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the office of President of the United States.


Think about it, “we the people” are responsible for the nominees who are running for president this year. We selected these two main candidates out of over three hundred million people who live in the United States. One could say with conviction that with the selection of Hillary Clinton as the nominee of the Democratic Party, we have genuinely screwed things up this election cycle. The jury is still out on Donald Trump.

Maybe it’s time we give up on electing our leaders for awhile until we can get term limits imposed so we can rid ourselves of the plague of career politicians. Perhaps we can even bring back the monarchy. I wonder if England would take us back?

On second thought maybe it’s time we just start the house cleaning we desperately need by voting for an outsider, instead of continuing the corruption we’ve seen for the last nearly eight years in the White House, and for decades in Congress and the Senate.

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