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The main character of the successful Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump’ was quoted in that movie on several occasions saying, “stupid is as stupid does.” Actually the original quote came from Forrest Gump’s mother, which said to him as a young boy, but no matter, that sentiment has never been more appropriate than when talking about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party to be president of the United States.


Hillary Clinton dodged a bullet with regard to her potential prosecution for any number of violations of federal law that others doing the same would have been jailed for. But she certainly didn’t escape unscathed during FBI Director James Comey’s news conference announcing that no criminal charges would be referred to the Department of Justice as a result of the FBI’s investigation into the former Secretary of State and her senior aide’s use of a private e-mail server for official business, and the sending and receiving of classified information over an unsecured or encrypted system.

By the way, the e-mail scandal is only one of the potential criminal violations involving Hillary Clinton that was under investigation by the FBI, let us not forgot the money-laundering and influence peddling investigation into the Clinton Foundation that has not yet concluded. And information that has so far leaked out from that investigation doesn’t paint a very positive picture of the former Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

But according to the FBI Director Comey, at least in the e-mail server investigation the threshold of “gross negligence” with regard to the criminal statutes governing the handling of classified information had not been met. Director Comey added that Clinton and her senior aides had only been guilty of “extreme carelessness” in how they handled classified information, not “gross negligence.”


To quote former Secretary of State Clinton when she was testifying about her failures during the Benghazi attacks that cost four American lives, “what difference does it make” between the terms “gross negligence and extreme carelessness.”

It would be really interesting to see how James Comey defines each of those differently. It almost seems like the FBI director has taken a page from the Clintons and their use of ‘linguistic gymnastics’ when describing what had occurred.

I happen to believe that what we have witnessed with Hillary Clinton over this whole e-mail scandal has been really more of a ‘calculated indifference’ on her part. She basically didn’t give a damn that by her actions she was potentially placing the nation at great risk. She still doesn’t. Following the rules wasn’t convenient for her, and that trumps national security for Hillary Clinton.

In her mind she was just too important to be bothered by government regulations. Regulations and federal laws were intended only for the ‘little people,’ and certainly not for the Washington elite like herself.

Plus, however could she hide all of her dirty deals and other shenanigans from prying eyes if she was stuck with using a government e-mail system? The types of systems that require accountability and records. With her private e-mail server it was a whole lot easier to delete any embarrassing correspondence and keep it from federal investigators.


You see, the bottom line is that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a common crook who is only interested in personal power and enriching herself and her family. Not much different than the thugs running the Mexican drug cartels or the traditional old Mafia families. That’s pretty much been her history all the way back to when she invested in cattle futures and housing developments in Arkansas, right up to the so-called Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton has been an on-going criminal enterprise for her whole adult life.

And following his publicly absolving Hillary Clinton of any ‘criminal’ wrongdoing in her e-mail scandal, the jury is still out depending on what the FBI does with their investigation into the Clinton Foundation, it would seem that the quote by Forrest Gump’s mother might equally apply to FBI Director James Comey. But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

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