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With the threat of a cut-off of federal funds to North Carolina over the recently passed law requiring people use the bathroom appropriate to their natural gender, and lawsuits back and forth between North Carolina and the Obama Justice Department likely leading to a Supreme Court decision, it’s time for us to cut to the chase and get down to what this issue is really all about.


It has nothing to do with anyone wanting to discriminate against a particular group of people, whether viewed by many as emotionally troubled or not. And it really has very little to do with any legitimate concerns parents might have over young children or women being exposed to child molesters and sexual predators, or just plain perverts in public bathrooms.

Truthfully, each of us at one time or another has probably used the bathroom opposite to our gender in an emergency. After all, when ‘ya gotta go, ya gotta go.’ I can remember once being at a sporting event where there were limited women’s bathrooms available to handle the long lines of women stretching out the door and around the corner. At one point some women just decided to burst into the men’s restroom to take care of business.

After the initial shock to some of the men who were standing there ‘occupied’ at that particular moment, there was a general sympathy for the women followed by a round of good natured laughter. No harm, no foul. There once was a very popular vehicle bumper sticker that might cover this situation, it simply said “Things Happen.”

I’m pretty sure that these women at the sporting arena didn’t feel that it was an act of defiance or civil disobedience in support of some political or social cause. I suspect afterwards that they certainly felt relieved, and probably just a little sheepish and maybe embarrassed, but very quickly laughed it all off. And more than likely they left the toilet seat up when they left just to spite us!


I hardly think that this new North Carolina law is the type of Civil Rights issue that even Dr. King would have protested against. After all, during his time he was fighting hard to remove the “White Only” signs from public restrooms, not to mention swimming pools, drinking fountains, and seats on the bus. Transgenderism, along with homosexuality was considered a mental disorder at the time Dr. King was changing America. It wasn’t considered a major societal concern way back then.

But what this whole issue really comes down to is simply ‘what’s right and what’s wrong,’ nothing more. For decades now the liberal progressives have been forcing an agenda of political correctness and universal victimhood onto Americans. Labeling one as a “hater” simply for holding moral or religious beliefs that differ from theirs, and doing their best to mainstream and normalize types of behavior that most Americans find ‘curious’ at the least.

The vast majority of Americans simply don’t care if someone thinks they’re a woman in a man’s body or vice versa, they simply want those who feel that way to keep their fight against their own personal demons to themselves, and not try to force their behavior choices onto others who just aren’t interested.

Traditional moral and religious values are being infringed upon more and more every day by the Obama administration and the socialist Democratic Party. And those who hold traditional values are being forced into situations where they are expected to act contrary to their strongly held beliefs. Religious freedom guaranteed by the United States Constitution takes a back seat to the progressive agenda nowadays.


It just seems that there’s a concerted attempt on the part of the progressives to turn upside down our entire culture. What was once right is now wrong, and what was considered wrong or amoral behavior is now right. Partly I think the explanation is that it allows them to justify their own lifestyle choices, and perhaps face life with a more clear conscience.

But woe-be-tide anyone who disagrees with them and who chooses to voice their moral or religious beliefs in opposition. Those who do are viciously attacked, as has happened repeatedly over recent years in just about every venue.

The truth is that as much as the progressives try to paint this as a civil rights concern, this entire transgender bathroom issue which led to the North Carolina law and others across the country, is about nothing more than bringing back to America a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.

And we have to put our foot down and start to fight back somewhere.

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