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The list of the top Hollywood films of all time for every American film lover always includes the classics like ‘Citizen Kane,’ ‘Gone with the Wind,’ and perhaps ‘The Godfather,’ part I and II. There are always disagreements, with additions and subtractions to everyone’s list. But for the most part the classics I listed are cinematic masterpieces that have withstood the test of time.


Last week the viewing public was treated to another performance worthy of Hollywood’s highest honor for acting, the Oscar. In this case though there would be the need for multiple Oscar awards for ‘Best Acting’, not just the one Oscar normally handed out each year.

One Academy Award for ‘Best Actor’ would definitely go to Hillary Clinton for the crocodile tears that welled up in her eyes at different times when she talked about the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi. Deaths that most likely could have been avoided.

But were the tears welling up for those who died, or were the tears for herself as she was thinking about the possibility of her life’s ambition going down the drain as a result of the Select Committee’s investigation ?

The other Oscars would go to all of the Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee who decried the waste of taxpayer money funding the committee’s investigation. Have Democrats ever been worried about wasting taxpayer money in the past ? To act indignant over the cost of the Benghazi Select Committee is certainly an acting job on the part of the Democrats again worthy of an Academy Award.

I watched nearly the entire day of testimony and was struck by Hillary Clinton’s look of smugness throughout. She could barely hide her disdain for the Republicans on the committee, and for the entire process itself for that matter. After all, why should Queen Hillary have to answer to mere ‘subjects’ for anything she does, or doesn’t do ?


For some reason Hillary seemed to think that this hearing was all about her, when the reality is that it was all about four Americans who died at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi. A loss of lives that more than likely could have been prevented, and should have been prevented. Typical of the Clinton mentality though for her to think that she’s the focus of attention. Sorry Hillary, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

After spending a full week studying the script that had been written for her by her attorneys and advisers, Hillary entered the hearing room well prepared to thrust and parry with her Republican inquisitors. A search for the truth that might help prevent another Benghazi tragedy was of little concern for Hillary and her supporters. Protecting her politically was all that mattered to her or anyone else in the Democrat Party.

Chief among her defenders was Elijah Cummings, the long-serving Democrat congressman from Maryland who on more than one occasion acted with righteous indignation over the Republican’s line of questioning. Particularly when the topic became longtime Clinton protector Sidney Blumenthal.

Many Americans remember Blumenthal’s defense of Bill Clinton during the Whitewater investigation, one of the many scandals occurring during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Blumenthal testified before the Whitewater Grand Jury and came to the defense of the Clinton’s during that investigation.


Sid Blumenthal is the subject of a May 20, 2003 article on by Michael Isikoff titled ‘Indidious Sid’. After reading Isikoff’s article people can judge for themselves how to feel about Sid Blumenthal. One of the many people of his ilk that the Clintons have surrounded themselves with throughout their careers.

In fact that has been a trademark of the Clintons over the years, surrounding themselves with many unsavory characters serving as advisers, campaign contributors, and political character assassins . A look at the list of people who have been associated with the Clintons over the years might fit in well with the cast on an episode of ‘The Sporanos’.

It’s a fact that since the Clintons first burst onto the national scene so many years ago the political discourse in this country has fallen to new levels of acrimony and partisanship, starting with the Clinton’s ‘War Room’ and their ‘take no prisoners’ style of politics.

Whenever a new Bill Clinton sexual scandal reared its’ ugly head the Clintons and their supporters would declare total war against any of his accusers. Regardless of the fact that they were telling the truth. A war against women led and supervised by Hillary Clinton herself, the supposed “champion” for women.

Considering Hillary’s acting abilities during her testimony, with her eyes welling up with crocodile tears, her ‘directors’ also should have instructed her to show some dignity and respect for the families of those who died. Even if she didn’t really mean it. After all, it’s only ‘acting’ like she cares, something she does well.


But Hillary’s testimony ended with her laughing, smiling broadly and high-fiving her supporters, while the family members of those who died needlessly in Benghazi stood solemnly nearby. A momentary lapse in the charade she kept up throughout her testimony.

But a momentary lapse which showed the world the true character of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The character of someone who is unfit to serve as President of the United States of America.

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