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Don’t Let the Door Hit Em in The……..

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This past week brought us something coming out of our nation’s capital that we haven’t seen in decades, if ever. A united States Senator standing before the Senate chamber and calling out the Senate majority leader from his own party on a lie. A junior senator holding another senior and long-serving member of the United States Senate accountable for not telling the truth.


Obviously not something the career politicians who have held sway in Washington, D.C., including some like Mitch McConnell who have been in office for at least a couple of decades much like to hear being broadcast to the voting public. It seems when it comes to serving the people they would rather hide behind platitudes and slogans, than to honestly do the people’s work.

In recent comments - one can’t use the word “interviews” since those have been few and far between for the former Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton continues to deny having improperly, if not illegally transmitted classified information across an unsecure e-mail system. Even after two separate government Inspector Generals have reached the conclusion that this indeed did happen, and have referred the case to the F.B.I. to investigate.

What Americans have been subjected to for such a long time now has been politicians who lie, cheat, and steal in order to line their pockets and protect their political future. Regardless of political party the career politicians, many of whom have never held a job outside of elective office, or at the least are so far removed from genuine, gainful employment in the private sector that they have lost touch with the working people of America.

It seems that in political circles everywhere across America, whether holding municipal, county, or state offices, the professional political class continues to follow their own course instead of listening to what the voters tell them when they send them to do the work of the American people.


And just as regrettable, far too many Americans have gotten into the habit of voting party affiliation instead of voting for the best candidate for the job. As an example, based on her history over decades now Hillary Clinton shouldn’t even qualify for elective office, much less be able to run for the highest office in the land.

Her record of dishonesty and lying, which Americans have overwhelmingly noted in various polling, should preclude her from even holding office as the local dog catcher. Yet she leads all candidates for president in many polls.

Republican politicians like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, and Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and in fact far too many others from all political persuasions have long outlived any usefulness they may have once possessed as an elected official. The American people would be much better served with stronger, more independent, and less partisan candidates running for office.

Serving in Washington, D.C. or in one’s local state house or community becomes a corrupting influence it seems, with politicians cutting backroom deals and shady alliances in order to supposedly conduct business, while accomplishing very little for the American people.

The real, difficult issues facing this nation are never dealt with. Elected officials are more worried about protecting their political future than in solving some of the challenging problems facing this nation.


In Washington, D.C., politicians from both major political parties are more inclined to pass legislation naming the North American Dung Beatle as the ‘Official Bug of the United States Congress and Senate.’ than in passing a balanced budget or in fixing Social Security.

It’s long past time that we as American voters start to elect officials who will stand up to the Washington elite, and stand up to the state and local elites as well. Both of whom continue to fail American citizens over and over again.

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