Hillary’s Tactics

Posted: Jun 19, 2015 12:01 AM

When one looks up the word “obfuscate” in a dictionary there is a large photograph of Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. No further definition needs to be supplied since ‘obfuscation’ is the tactic she has used throughout her public life to get away with not answering questions about her record, her honesty, and her lack of integrity. Hillary has used this tactic with great skill to deflect questions, and to cover up her unethical and even illegal activities.

She is practiced at this tactic and resorts to it automatically and with ease to escape being held accountable for her activities. And sadly she is allowed to by the compliant media who are totally invested in her becoming the first woman elected president of the United States.

And unfortunately for the American people who have had to live with the Clintons being part of our political landscape for the last couple of decades now, one can rest assured that Hillary will continue to employ the tactic in the coming 2016 elections. And why not, it works for her?

Which is truly sad since there are many accomplished women much more capable and better qualified, and certainly much more honest and trustworthy. And far, far more deserving of such an historic achievement.

The “mainstream media” has been allowing Hillary to get by with using this tactic over and over again when difficult questions have come up about her involvement in the Whitewater scam, Cattle futures, Travel-gate, Bimbo-eruptions, and her husband’s sexual predations against some of the very women Hillary claims to be the “champion” of.

Republicans better prepare for it during any upcoming presidential debates that may occur leading up to the November 2016 election. When confronted about her involvement in numerous scandals and lies, Hillary will simply dismiss any questions and claim that it’s all nothing but “old news”; or “this has all been looked at and there’s nothing there”; or it’s all just another example of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that’s been attacking her for years.

What Republicans need to do is to continue to hammer away at Hillary and not allow her or the media to simply dismiss all the charges against her. Hillary is the most corrupt politician in American history, even more so than her husband. Hillary makes him look like a piker when it comes to political lies, deceit and dishonesty.

And as poll after poll continues to show that the American people do not believe Hillary is an honest person, whomever the Republican candidate ultimately is it will be incumbent on that person to keep Hillary’s reputation for lies and corruption front and center before the American people.

Since most voters have become disillusioned with American politics believing that all politicians are corrupt, the Republican candidate will need to show to a skeptical public that there truly is a difference between themselves and the type of politician that Hillary Clinton represents.

If the voters can come to believe in her opponent’s integrity, honesty, and commitment to serve the American people, Hillary’s tactics will cease to be effective. And Americans can once and for all be spared the nightmare of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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