Just Not You Hillary

Posted: Apr 13, 2015 9:43 AM

Is America ready for a woman president? Absolutely, ask most anyone and they’ll say that a woman is just as capable as any man of leading this nation, perhaps even leading it back to the greatness it once was before the mistake of the last six years.

Announcing her bid for the White House in 2016 Hillary Clinton says that she wants to be the “champion of the middle class”. Yet Hillary has truthfully produced nothing during her career other than punch lines for late night comedians. Hillary’s entire career is devoid of a single accomplishment and is based solely on her own self-promotion.

Can anyone name a single piece of significant legislation authored by Hillary during her time in the United States Senate ? Is there any legislative achievement of note with her name attached? None readily come to mind. It seems that Hillary was just biding her time and padding her resume, planning for her ultimate goal of the White House.

The State Department presided over by Hillary also achieved nothing of note. Her famous “Re-Set Button” with Russia proved to be a colossal failure, and her part in the U.S. involvement in Libya proved tragic and deadly. And also put on very public display her major character flaws which include deceit, dishonesty, and her penchant for blaming others for her own failure of leadership.

The only thing Hillary has truly ‘championed’ during her career is herself in her obsessive quest for political power. Truly an individual lacking a conscience or the character to understand the qualities necessary to lead a nation.

Unlike many other women who have again and again proven themselves in what had traditionally been bastions of male dominance. Serving as police officers, firefighters, or heavy equipment operators in the construction industry.

As doctors and lawyers, and serving honorably and on some occasions with courage when confronted with the challenges on the battlefields our military has fought on throughout our nation’s history. In contrast Hillary has done diddly.

While Democrats have claimed a Republican “war on women” for at least the last two election cycles, and most certainly will do so if Republicans attack Hillary Clinton’s record during the upcoming campaign, Republicans have a real record of “championing” opportunities for women.

And Republicans will clearly support a woman for president should one emerge from the pack of candidates currently considering a run for the office. They just don’t support Hillary. She hasn’t earned it from the American people.

So Americans need to look elsewhere for that historic first woman president. Hillary hasn’t the record of achievement, character, or leadership qualities that this nation desperately needs to correct the mistakes and damage done to this country under the Obama Administration.

Mistakes and damage for which Hillary shares a significant part of the blame.