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As far back as the 1992 presidential campaign when Hillary Clinton first became a national political figure many Americans quickly began to have questions about her integrity and honesty.


During the famous 60 Minutes interview of Hillary and her husband, then presidential candidate Bill Clinton, questions of his rumored infidelity were deflected or met with vague answers about “having caused pain in his marriage”. All while Hillary sat silently beside him. Knowledge of Bill Clinton’s ‘sexcapades’ were well known in the Arkansas capitol of Little Rock and her husband’s infidelity was certainly no secret to Hillary. She was well aware of Bill Clinton’s failures with respect to his wedding vows.

But with ambition being the primary motivation in the lives of both Bill and Hillary Clinton a little thing like repeated infidelity was simply an inconvenient fact that had to be covered up and hidden from prospective voters. Lest the American people whose national morality had not yet been subjected to stories of cigars, blue dresses, and furtive affairs inside the Oval Office be so shocked and disturbed that they would reject Bill Clinton. And by virtue of her place at his side Hillary Clinton as well.

Not knowing the full extent of Bill Clinton’s amoral behavior and history, which also was concealed as best they could by an adoring “mainstream media”, the American people elected him twice to the presidency with more than a little help from H. Ross Perot.


Hillary played her part well during the campaign only slipping up once when she expressed disdain for women who at stayed home and baked cookies. Nothing it seemed would disrupt the media-Hillary love fest which has continued unabated right up to the present day.

Once in the White House the new first lady quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with by taking control over an attempt to provide universal health care, Hillary’s failed predecessor to the later failed ObamaCare.

After the scandals involving her husband began to spread like a cancer throughout his administration Hillary took the lead in damage control, choreographing the attack squads who went after each of the women who claimed to have been victims of the nation’s ‘sexual predator in chief’. Doing so knowing full well her husband’s history and that the claims being made were most likely valid.

It mattered not to Hillary that she shared the gender of her husband’s reported victims. Ignoring the obvious hypocrisy of covering up for Bill Clinton’s sexual predations she triumphantly claimed for herself the title of “champion of women’s rights”. A title echoed by the once again pliant news media.

As Hillary’s public career progressed first to a Senate seat from New York and then onto her own failed campaign for the presidency, her record of questionable character and honesty continued.


During her campaign for the White House she tried to portray herself as ‘tough’ when she claimed to have “dodged sniper fire running across an airport tarmac in Bosnia”. A claim made on more than one occasion. When video footage revealed this to be completely untrue she claimed that “sleep deprivation” caused her to “misspeak”. As opposed to admitting she fabricated the whole story for a political purpose. And once again she was for the most part given a pass by the media for her blatant lie to the American people.

Failing to gain the presidency for herself she accepted a cabinet post as Secretary of State for Barack Obama and quickly embarked on hundreds of thousands of miles of travel to all corners of the world. All that travel resulting in nary an accomplishment to claim for those countless trips on taxpayer money. And as history has shown us her famous “Re-Set Button” with the Russians has been a colossal failure.

With the tragedy of Benghazi occurring on her watch she and her allies and minions went into overdrive blaming the attacks that killed four brave Americans on a YouTube video. She claimed ultimate responsibility as secretary of state yet it was responsibility with no repercussions, a meaningless gesture on her part.


Standing in an airport hanger alongside the president she served, with the flag-draped coffins of the four Americans killed in Benghazi in a row behind her she had the temerity to vow that she would “find the person responsible for the video”. Still keeping to the administration lie that it was a heretofore unknown video clip that was behind the deaths of the four Americans.

Following up with her testimony before a congressional committee she pounded on the table in front of her, a well-thought-out dramatic act exhibiting her ‘righteous indignation’.

As the Benghazi story continues to unravel Hillary continues to lie and twist and distort the facts, she is determined not to let anything get in the way of her quest for the White House. And we continue to see evidence that her unbridled ambition and lack of integrity is rivaled only by her lack of a conscience.

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