What if Congress Vanished?

Posted: Jul 18, 2017 10:07 AM
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While they may not want to hear it – or may deny it – when doctors go on strike, the death rate goes down. Way down. Sometimes by as much as 35 percent.

A few decades ago in Los Angeles County, the doctors went on strike and the death rate went down a whopping eighteen percent. As soon as the strike ended, the death rate went back to normal.

Understanding that counterintuitive truth – and based upon their latest “Profiles in Cowardice” regarding the repeal and replacement of Obamacare -- what would happen to the American people if Congress simply went on strike and went away?

First, almost no one but staff and the DC media would even notice. Ever. Second, chances are, life for every single American would dramatically improve.

For the most part, the United States of America is run by the president, governors, mayors, and county and city councils.

While there are certainly diligent, highly ethical, and patriotic members in Congress, as a body, more often than not, it excels at dreaming up ways to spend and waste the tax money of hard working Americans, adding layer after layer after layer of inane incomprehensible legislation, and creating obstacle after obstacle to our job creating free enterprise system. Oh, yeah, and they like to hold endless hearings so they can invite celebrities from Hollywood and fawn over them.

Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States because tens of millions of Americans rose up as one to reject the entrenched establishments on both sides of the aisle who were destroying their chances for a better and safer future while enriching themselves in the process.

This is no bigger, and oftentimes more destructive, entrenched establishment than the Congress of the United States.

If you were a Donald Trump voter, you were also betting that at least on the Republican side of the aisle, those members in Congress who had been screaming about, campaigning on, and especially fundraising off the multiple destructive forces of the Obama administration, would have had every single alternative in place to stop and reverse Obama’s socialist, ignorant, and politically-correct appeasement policies.

Not even close as their latest failure on Obamacare shows.

In terms of priorities, the number one objective of many members of Congress is their reelection first, helping their political party second, and the needs of their actual constituents a distant third.

To achieve the first two objectives, many members have learned to straddle the fence of policy and never make an actual final decision. That way, to their self-centered way of thinking, they can’t be held accountable for anything and can continue to feed at the trough of taxpayer filled money indefinitely.

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Kurt Schlichter

Unfortunately for President Trump and those Americans who did vote for him in a last-ditch desperate attempt to shake up the entrenched establishment government and bring sanity, commonsense, and pragmatic solutions back to Washington, it is the Republican members of Congress playing games, who now stand in their way.

Those tens of millions of Americans who did vote for Donald Trump had every right to expect real and meaningful results with regard to the actual repeal and replacement of Obamacare, tax reform and tax cuts, and verifiably and dramatically enhanced border security which would include a promised wall. Not fake “victories” where everyone but the American people are in on the joke.

As of today, the Democrats might as well still be in charge of Congress.

When doctors go on strike, the death rate does go down 18 to 35 percent.

If Congress did go on strike would the lives of every single American improve 18 to 35 percent?

At least that much.