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Imagine literally being upset about your state government preventing you from physically removing the genitals from your minor child. It’s difficult to do, I know, because the very idea of butchering the body of a child is foreign to you, but there are a lot of people wildly upset by just that idea. Just as there is a slice of the public, small as it is, demanding Bud Light completely destroys itself in the name of “tolerance.” Then there are the wealthy white liberals who, as if it were a sexual fetish of theirs, demand they and their children, and by extension everyone’s children, be indoctrinated into the idea that they are responsible for things done by people who aren’t them that happened long before they were born. You really have to wonder what the hell is wrong with these people.


I get it, different strokes for different folks. But there are some things I will never understand. I know there are some adults who need to be humiliated sexually in order to enjoy themselves. I don’t really care what grown adults do in the privacy of their own homes, as long as who they do it with is of age and willing. I don’t have to explain their lives to God, they do.

But we aren’t dealing with people who want to keep their fetishes to themselves, we’re dealing with morons and narcissists who demand everyone participate in their manias, and that we be grateful for it. Absolutely not.

Chris Hayes, the MSNBC personality most likely to be mistaken for Rachel Maddow from behind (or front, for that matter), is wildly upset that parents will not be allowed to remove the penises from little boys in the state of Florida. Imagine being upset by that. 

“The law DeSantis signed in Florida banning care for trans kids is despicable and a frontal assault on the vaunted ‘parental rights’ he and his ideological cohort have been screaming about for years,” the bowl-cut boob felt compelled to tweet at the world. “In Florida, you no longer get to make healthcare decisions for your own child: Ron DeSantis makes them. It doesn't matter what you think is best for your kids, Ron tells you.”


Chrissy is very upset that parents can’t turn an outie into an innie on a 5-year-old, which tells you something about him. Josef Mengele is looking up from Hell confused, wondering how his wildest dreams have been surpassed by people insisting they’re doing it for the child being mutilated own good.

You wouldn’t know it now, but not that long ago genital mutilation was condemned by both political parties, back when it was done in the Arab world. Then Democrats decided they could raise a little more money by supporting the idea for children in the United States and out came the scissors. 

They’d already been supporting their white children being preached to about how their skin color made them guilty for something someone else with that skin color did centuries ago, while weirdly working tirelessly to keep actual guilty people out of prison in the name of “justice.” They empowered unstable “educators” with a sick compulsion to talk about their sex lives coupled with a desperate need for validation for their perverted life choices from children. Honestly, if you need your “throuple” to be cheered by kids or else you feel invalid, seek help or move to a deserted island somewhere, because you shouldn’t be allowed in the same zip code as kids.


Honestly, Jeffrey Epstein’s island is available, and it’s seen its share of sick things. It won’t judge you. Move there. But as long as you’re here, children will be protected from you making life altering decisions on their behalf before they understand the concept or while your Munchausen Syndrome remains undiagnosed. 

Just imagine the world the left would love to construct – full of Target’s tucked-back bathing suits and binding tops (at least until they can be permanently disfigured through “gender affirming care”), white people flagellating themselves over what someone who may have looked like them did long ago (while ignoring the African tribes who ran the slave trade and supplied the captives), while black people are told they’ll never get ahead because of what happened centuries ago and taught to fear police (while nearly 10,000 of them are murdered by people who look like they do) and everyone drinks a Bud Light. 

I don’t know what Hell is like, but that sure sounds like what would be in the box if they sold a kit to make it here on Earth, doesn’t it? The longer you think about it, the less you concern yourself with trying to figure out what is wrong with these people and the more you commit yourself to making sure they lose in any effort they make to impose their will on anyone. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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