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There isn’t a week that goes by without some fundraising email popping up in my inbox about a looming deadline where Democrats run the risk of “falling short” of whatever goal they’ve allegedly set for themselves. I, for example, set a goal of being a millionaire who never needed to work again by the age of 25 – I missed my goal by a bit. But I didn’t set out to make new goals every two weeks and harass others to give me money like my not reaching it was going to be the end of the world. That’s essentially the favorite tactic of Democrats these days.


On Friday, California Congressman Ted Lieu – one of the most vapid people in government and good pal of Ed Buck, murderer of young black men – sent an email under the subject line, “EMBARRASSING defeat.” Was it about his high school prom? Nope, money.

“I only reach out when it’s important, so believe me when I tell you: This is as important as it gets,” it starts. “Hakeem Jeffries and House Democrats are just 48 hours from a critical End of Month Deadline -- and as of 6:45pm, the DCCC still needs 70,000 gifts to reach their goal.”

Every month there is some variation of this language – “We’re so close, or far, and need your money to reach our goal.” You can tell how important it is by how Teddy capitalized “End of Month Deadline.”

That deadline is so critical, Democrats sent me five emails on April 29th using that exact phrase (I didn’t search the variations, but one can only imagine the other creative ways they came up with to convey the same lie). In the last three days of February, using that exact phrase – “end of month deadline” – Democrats sent twenty-two emails. I’m writing this in the morning on the 30th, I expect my inbox to get slammed this afternoon.

Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer, who is older than dirt and used to be the number two Democrat in the House, has adopted the panicked language of the leftist mob too. Seemingly hoping to inspire the murder of Republicans, Steny writes, “the Republicans now in control of the House are unlike any I’ve ever seen. They’re an extreme, far-right group of Trump loyalists who have prioritized political expediency and polarizing culture wars over the serious business of governing. They’ve attacked reproductive rights. They’ve spread lies about the 2020 election. They’ve helped incite and then downplay an armed insurrection. And they have some truly horrifying plans in store now that they hold the Majority.”


Truly horrifying plans? If you believe that, wouldn’t you almost feel compelled to “save” the country from those plans through some horrible act? 

Hoyer was from the generation where that sort of language was not used, and was shunned, but he (along with Pelosi and the rest of the old guard Democrats) have cowardly caved to the radicals and would now rather inspire violence than convince anyone of anything.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s attempt at panic opens, “E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G just changed. FIRST: Radical Lauren Boebert came within just ONE percent of losing her seat. THEN: We learned she’s at the TOP of Republicans’ endangered list this election. NOW: Kevin McCarthy is PANICKING -- and raised $35 MILLION to sabotage Democrats’ chances of defeating his Majority.”

If McCarthy can conjure up a quick $35 million by simply panicking, he should panic all the time. And how does raising money to engage in a campaign “sabotage” anything? The only way that word is appropriate is if Democrats feel entitled to the majority and anything in their way is somehow illegitimate. 

Actually, that’s exactly how they work – government is theirs, when they control it government is good, when they don’t government is the enemy. 

Tell me Hakeem Jeffries would care if someone read his emails and acted violently to “take out” people he describes as, “Extreme MAGA Republicans” who “are out of control.”  

Jeffries goes on, “They’ve raked in millions to defeat us for opposing their plans to impose a nationwide abortion ban and cut Social Security and Medicare. They’ve peddled dangerous conspiracy theories. They’ve coddled serial liars like George Santos. And they’ve ignored the calls from law enforcement officers opposing the decision to hand over sensitive security footage from the Jan. 6th insurrection to Tucker Carlson -- a dangerous conspiracy theorist. Enough is enough.”


It’s a call to arms without calling to arms, just a wink and a nod. 

You need to do any of this, or all of this, if you’re worried or if you’re a bad person. But remember, bad people can also be worried. Which are Democrats? There is no wrong answer. 

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