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Idiot Leftist Of The Year: The ‘Winner’

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(The culmination of a series of nominees for the absolute biggest idiot or idiots the left offered up during the year 2022. All the nominees can be found here and here and here and here and here with the honorable mentions found here.)


It’s almost unfair to include an entire cable network in this contest, with dozens of employees each rowing in the direction of stupid compared to individuals paddling their idiot kayaks in a circle until they tip over, but that’s the way to cookie crumbles. So, congratulations to MSNBC for winning the first annual Idiot Leftist of the Year Award.

For all his moronic ramblings and horrible decisions, Joe Biden is ultimately a doddering old man living out his final years with other people’s hand up his backside. Karine Jean-Pierre is “historic” and one of the all-time dumbest people to ever walk the planet, but there’s a subtle, yet important difference between being dumb and being an idiot. She falls on the wrong side of it. The woman who looks like Larry Czonka was a moment of stupid where she resigned pretty quickly afterwards, which shows a level of awareness at true idiot couldn’t possess. All the flying monkeys with press passes trolling social media for offense and targets are worthy, but so many of them either work for or appear on MSNBC that their stupid only enhances the choice of MSNBC.

My God, just think about all the resources available to MSNBC – all the connections and outlets of NBC News, all the cash of NBC and Comcast – and what they put on the air is the best they can come up with. Saying they have a larger audience than CNN is like saying Stacey Abrams is a better candidate than Beto O’Rourke – it might technically be true because Beto lost by 2 more points, but they’re both losers.


MSNBC has an audience, it’s just small. The purpose, at least on the surface, of an organization claiming to be about disseminating news is to convey that information to people so they become better informed, smarter people. MSNBC does the opposite of that, proudly. The “star” of MSNBC is Rachel Maddow, a conspiracy theorist who makes a paranoid Oliver Stone seem mellow and sane. Honestly, watch any of her occasional, $30 million per year for one day of work monologues and you’ll see someone who makes the character of Captain Queeg seem well adjusted and trusting.

Nicolle Wallace is a former alleged Republican angry about being passed over for important jobs after her time in the W Bush administration and having been denied a noticeable upper-lip when she was born. (Seriously, look her up and see if you spot one.) They try to push her out as the next “big” thing on the network, which if amusing for a couple of reasons. First, only on an unsuccessful network would Maddow come off like an original “big” thing worthy of replication, and second, Wallace’s only marketable skill is she once worked for a Republican President. That’s like finding virtue in a monster because they once were a baby. And they give her 2 hours.

The line-up after Morning Joe is so insignificant that you likely couldn’t name a show if you were offered a descent amount of money to do so. Their prime-time line-up makes the WB look like a powerhouse of intellect.


How can anyone take seriously a network that describes Joy Reid’s show as “One-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers, and the breaking issues of the day” and Chris Hayes as someone who “reports on some of the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that seeks to hold the nation's leaders accountable for their actions.” Hayes is a Maddow impersonator and Reid is a Klan rally with the races flipped.

There is no other organization with so many employees and nothing redeemable about it. Honestly, what’s the last story they broke? When was the last time any of them were honest?

MSNBC is an echo chamber in a bubble – non-stop sameness without the changing air, which leads to inevitable lightheadedness and all the trappings of high altitude with none of the charm. They truly are the worst, most terrible people on the political landscape, and collectively they are the idiot leftists of the year.


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