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Idiot Leftist Of The Year Nominees: The Honorable Mentions

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(The last in a series of nominees, the winner will be announced in a December 27th column. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth nominees can be found here and here and here and here and here.)


First off, Merry Christmas. I know it’s not very Christmas-y to write out a list of leftist losers who’ve been so awful throughout 2022 that they could qualify as the worst. Then again, it is truly very Christmas-y to write out a list of people who’ve been, shall we say, “less than good.” Therefore, it is in that spirit I run this today, of all days. 

There are a lot of leftist idiots in our country, with each seemingly seeking to out-crazy the other on a regular basis. How can you just pick five to represent all of them without acknowledging the many, many others who, for whatever reason, just fell short of the expanded podium? The fact is, you can’t. So these are the honorable (or dishonorable) mentions for idiot leftist of the year.

Yoel Roth. Twitter’s former head of “Trust and Safety” has proven himself to be unworthy of trust and rather “safely” stupid. While meeting regularly with the FBI, Roth was fed a line of BS about Russian hackers and the prospect of a fake story involving Hunter Biden. Shortly thereafter, those FBI contacts had Roth gleefully preventing the very real Hunter Biden story from being disseminated. Roth was a fiddle, played to perfection by the FBI and he never once appears to have questioned his handlers. While his stupidity didn’t occur this year, it was exposed and he was the person who proudly announced it to the world. Well deserving of an honorable mention.


CNN. They’re not MSNBC, but it’s not for lack for trying. There are just only so many morons willing to scream that everything is racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/whatever-Democrat- flavor-of-the-moment-phobic to go around. MSNBC hired those best at it, CNN got the rest. Even though they’re the oldest cable news channel, their on-air team has all the quality of a new expansion team. In order to “save” the network and renew audiences, the geniuses running the joint have simply taken the same people no one wanted to watch and put them on at different times. If you thought Don Lemon was the worst way conceivable to end your day, just imagine starting it with him. A bowl of feces is still a bowl of feces, no matter what meal it’s fed to you for.

Sam Bankman-Fried. Most criminals are idiots, few raise their idiocy to an art form. SBF has. Billions gone, no one knows where, but Sammy knew exactly which party to grease in order to get away with it as long as he did, but he could only get away with it for so long. Even then, he was getting support from rich suckers anyway. He is learning what happens to “useful idiots” who loses the “useful” part. He also goes a long way toward reinforcing my firm belief that you should never trust a man with a hyphenated last name.


Congressional Democrats. No, not all of them. But some Members of Congress are so unbelievably moronic that if you’re written them into a work of fiction your editor would reject them as being too absurd. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is what a stupid person would create if they were trying to parody a stupid person. The rest of the Goon Squad spend their time sucking, both up to her and in their own right. They hate themselves some Jews and America while basking in all the glory and opportunity it affords them. Only here could a moron like Mazie Hirono hold a job that doesn’t require a hairnet and the months, if not years, of training she would require to successfully operate a deep fryer without setting herself on fire. 

Drag queens who dance for kids and trans-activists seeking to butcher them. There is a new kind of evil in the world – people who actively pursue the physical mutilation of children for their own profit/glory/political agenda (take your pick). Sick isn’t a strong enough word and Hell isn’t an awful enough place for these people. As for the drag queens, it’s important to differentiate a run-of-the-mill dragster and any who would consider what they do in public to be for “all ages.” It’s curious how the left has a problem with parents not wanting someone’s genitals waived around in the faces of their children, but have no issues with adults who consider it somehow normal or “artistic” to do so. Pretty sure there once was a time that doing so would’ve gotten you a righteous beating, if not jail time. Democrats have shifted what is acceptable that much, which is not only idiotic, it’s just plain gross.


These are but a few of the “progressive” leftists who’ve distinguished themselves as a special kind of stupid this year. I’m sure I’ve missed some, it’s impossible to keep up – supply easily out-strips demand. The scary thing is these are the top of the list. The scarier thing is Democrats haven’t even come close to the bottom they’re apparently capable of with these people and their nominees. Merry Christmas.

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