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Idiot Leftist Of The Year Nominee No. 4

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(The forth in a series of nominees, the winner will be announced in a December 27th column. The first, second and third nominees can be found here and here and here.)


I wasn’t going to nominate Joe Biden for this award because it seemed unfair. The award should be named in his honor, not something he could win. But he’s just so damn stupid, such a complete fraud, and a complete to-the-bone moron that any list on the subject has to include him. 

Still, I would have resisted were it not for the BS story Biden told last week about his dead Uncle Frank. For this lie alone, Joe Biden deserves a nomination. 

One thing about Joe Biden is he’s stupid. Another thing is he’s wildly insecure. He’s also incredibly arrogant. Those three ingredients make for stew of destruction that devours reality without mercy. He’s a liar, always has been. Being dumb means he may not know any better, being insecure means he has to lie to make himself look good, and being arrogant means he starts to believe his lies and so they grow even bigger. If the “blob” were a moron it would be a Biden.

So what did Biden’s Uncle Frank do? 

“You know, I — my dad, when I got elected Vice President, he said, ‘Joey, Uncle Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge,’” Biden told a group of real veterans. “He was not feeling very well now — not because of the Battle of the Bulge. But he said, ‘And he won the Purple Heart.  And he never received it.  He never — he never got it. Do you think you could help him get it?  We’ll surprise him.’ So we got him the Purple Heart. He had won it in the Battle of the Bulge. And I remember he came over to the house, and I came out, and he said, ‘Present it to him, okay?’  We had the family there.”


The President concluded his lie with, “I said, ‘Uncle Frank, you won this. And I want to…’  He said, ‘I don’t want the damn thing.’ No, I’m serious.  He said, ‘I don’t want it.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter, Uncle Frank?  You earned it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but the others died. The others died. I lived.  I don’t want it.’”

Did Uncle Frank really fight in the Battle of the Bulge? I have no idea. I have my doubts, however, as there really weren’t that many men in that fight who didn’t receive a Purple Heart. It was hell. And the Army wouldn’t have missed someone having earned (in spite of Biden’s word choice, you don’t “win” a Purple Heart) one and not given it to them. 

But the main reason I have my doubts is the guy had been dead for a decade before Joe alleges he have him is Purple Heart. A neat trick, if he could pull it off.

Biden’s Uncle Frank died in 1999, so it’s unlikely he would’ve come “over to the house” unless he was a zombie or they’re carting around his corpse 10 years after he passed. 

Also, you have to ask what kind of phone plan Joe had to get a call from his father at least 7 years after his father died. Yes, Joe Sr. passed away in 2002. 

More than that, the “story” of his uncle is exactly like a story Biden has told many times before, though always differently. Not about his uncle but about an Afghan vet not wanting a medal he’d earned because a soldier he was rescuing died. PolitiFact declared that story “mostly false” when he was telling it about others – Joe isn’t the type of guy to let the facts stand in the way of a good story any more than he’s willing to let “no” stand in the way of a sexual assault on a Congressional staffer – but they haven’t said anything about this latest version of the lie because that would be too much like work. 


This is just one of many lies Joe Biden tells regularly, usually about himself and designed to make him seem special or important, either directly or by proxy. He’s neither, nor is he a good person. His “word as a Biden” is worth less than his hair plugs.

Biden shouldn’t be on this list, he shouldn’t be nominated for an award that, honestly, deserves to be named after him. But the master isn’t ready to call it a day, he’s still got a few more steaming piles of, well, “Biden” left in him, so he makes the last-minute cut. Congratulations, Joe!

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter and subscribe to his podcasts and you’ll probably increase the odds of you getting what you want for Christmas.

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