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(The first in a series of nominees, the winner will be announced in a December 27th column.)

Let’s get mean, shall we, if not downright vicious. I don’t do this for the fun of it, even though it will be fun, I do so because of the contempt leftist Democrats inspire through their bigotry and stupidity. There is nothing more dangerous to a society as ignorance coupled with arrogance – the people who are wrong, usually very wrong, but absolutely certain not only that they’re right, but also of their righteousness. Most, if not all, of history’s atrocities in modern times stem from this mental fertilizer.


It’s not just the wholesale slaughter of human being caused by this; arrogance and ignorance combine on the local level too. And it’s important to curb-stomp it everywhere it pops up in the hope of preventing its spread.

That brings us to Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. I know, you can’t expect too much from people in a state that elected the world’s most accurate Frankenstein impersonator to the United States Senate, but even this is below where you’d think these people could go. 

What am I talking about? I recent vote by the school board there to choose its president was thrown into politically correct hell by one member announcing she couldn’t vote for a board member seeking the post because he was a straight white male, and she was concerned about the type of message voting for him could send.

The woman, Jennifer Solot, must be the local Karen and looks like an ad warning about the ravages of sugar consumption or a 1970s headshot of Hall of Fame fullback Larry Czonka. Mean? Of course. But she deserves much worse. (Decide for yourself: Larry vs Jennifer.) 

Why? Because as the vote was coming up (between 2 board members, Greg D’Elia and April Stainback), Solot decided to announce to the world that she would support the woman, not because she’s a better candidate but because she isn’t an evil straight white man.


“I feel that electing the only cis white male on this board president of this district sends the wrong message to our community: a message that is contrary to what we as a board have been trying to accomplish,” Solot said just before the vote. 

The Democrat, naturally, allegedly has three kids (whoever she married…poor bastard), and decided that if any of them are straight they are lesser than anyone who isn’t, or at least that the message this C.H.U.D. decided to send to all the kids in the district. 

Presumably, Solot, a Democrat (naturally) is straight, and she serves as treasurer of the board. What message does it send to have a stereotypical Karen white lady serving as treasurer? Why hasn’t she resigned? Because, honestly, what else would she do? Anyone with this bigoted mindset, who also likely gets winded standing up, has no business being in a position of leadership. To quote her, having someone like her in that job “sends the wrong message” to the community, doesn’t it? 

There may have been many reasons to oppose D’Elia or support Stainback, Solot made no case other than which bathroom they used and who D’Elia is attracted to. Solot even started her bigoted rant against him by saying, “I believe that Mr. D’Elia would make an excellent president.” What kind of center of a human’s built-in seat would say that, then stab them in the back? 


Solot didn’t have to say anything, but Karens can’t help themselves. That’s what makes them Karens. No one would ever accuse these people of being smart. 

To illustrate her stupidity, and her commitment to the left-wing agenda über alles (using German there on purpose), Solot went on to say, “Mrs. Stainback has done an exemplary job as president these last few months, and the strength of her performance has earned her my vote tonight.” 

Why couldn’t she just have said that? That would have been enough. But leftists can’t help themselves. They hate, period. These piles of human garbage can’t just be normal people because normal people let others make their own decisions. Solot didn’t want the straight white guy to win because of representation or something. But with only one straight white guy on the board, straight white guys are grossly underrepresented there. Doesn’t she care about that?

Of course, she doesn’t. Aside from being responsible for the vast majority of advances by the species in recent history, white men are terrible, the straight ones being the worst among us.

Imagine living a life where the color of someone’s skin matters. On top of that, one where who other people sleep with overrides your decision making on anything. I’d rather eat hemlock. But this is where Democrats live. No wonder they’re so miserable. They deserve it. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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