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Idiot Leftist Of The Year Nominee No. 5

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(The fifth in a series of nominees, the winner will be announced in a December 27th column. The first, second, third and fourth nominees can be found here and here and here and here.)


Our final nominee this year is, like a previous nominee, a group of people. And I know what some of you are thinking – wait, the winner isn’t going to be announced until next Tuesday, so why are you giving us the final nominee when you still have Sunday’s column to nominate someone else? First, I’m making the rules up as I go – I could (and should) have started earlier since the pool of potential nominees is literally bottomless. Second, Sunday’s column will be the honorable mentions, those who did their best to be leftist idiots but just fell short of reaching the pinnacle of their quest. Third, I said I was making this up, didn’t I? I’ll have it more organized next year. 

Never the less, the final nominee is MSNBC. I could have included CNN but they simply don’t matter, even CNN employees don’t seem to watch CNN. And I could have gone with the whole media, but in that Petri dish of progressive activism MSNBC is the strain of bacteria towering above all others. 

Yes, the New York Times has a larger impact insofar as what the rest of the media covers, especially since MSNBC doesn’t even pretend to do journalism anymore, but nothing infects the vacuous area where a leftist’s brain is supposed to go like a monologue from Rachel Maddow or some random tantrum by Joe Scarborough. MSNBC is the COVID of the mind for Democrats, infecting many with a destructive stupidity for which there is no real treatment. 


Starting in the morning with Morning Joe, where a round table circle-jerk of sameness sets the tone for the day, you will not find a dissenting voice on the network. The closest you will come to disagreement is “Republicans are awful” followed by a “No, Republicans are REALLY awful.” Hunter Biden could be screaming about how he sold access to his father while doing lines of blow off Mika’s nose job in the green room and the idea of articulating the thought that that might not be a great idea or could possibly be newsworthy will not be mentioned on air. 

The on-air personalities at MSNBC are like a Saturday Night Live skit waiting to happen – if SNL were funny anymore – where each person tries to out-stupid each other. A place where socialism works and conservatism is exemplified by people like Nicolle Wallace and Michael Steele, which is like using prostitution to extoll the virtues of monogamy. 

It’s a plane of existence where the racist Joy Reid is smart and Al Sharpton is a “man of God.” Where Chris Hayes is tough and Larry O’Donnell is clever. Where Chuck Todd brings integrity and intelligence to Meet the Press and Rachel Maddow working one day a week for $30 million per year is a smart investment. We can’t forget Stephanie Ruhle, who doesn’t get the credit she deserves as one of the dumbest people in all of cable television because of her late timeslot and misogyny. (Too much attention is paid to Don Lemon because he’s a man, even though Stephanie can go toe-to-toe with him on stupid any day of the week.) I assume the sky is green there too.


To call MSNBC a left-wing echo chamber or a tool of the Democratic National Committee is to call the Grand Canyon a pothole. They are to honesty and integrity what Jeffrey Epstein was to child care. 

As someone who grew up watching NBC News back in the days of Tom Brokaw, watching that brand become tainted by MSNBC is like having been a big fan of Miramax movies and finding out what Harvey Weinstein did with the power and money they afforded him. MSNBC does to facts what big Democrat mega-donors do to women and children, and worse. Ed Buck did to young black men what MSNBC has done to journalism. 

You do, however, have to give MSNBC credit for one thing: they don’t have the word “news” in their name. The other networks do (the first “N” in CNN stands for news, for example). None of them do news anymore, with very few employing actual journalists now (they simply report stories that appear in newspapers as their own), but at least MSNBC doesn’t pretend by having that word in their name. 

Still, they do pretend to be journalists and truth-tellers. They’re like McDonald’s…if McDonald’s pretended to be health food. For that, and for their relentless pursuit of the radical “progressive” agenda über alles (in its original German because it’s who they are), the entire clown car at MSNBC is our final nominee for Idiot Leftist of the Year. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter and subscribe to his podcasts and you’ll probably increase the odds of you getting what you want for Christmas.

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