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You’d think the geniuses behind election fundraising would give it a rest once the election happens, but you’d be wrong. Wouldn’t it seem to you that in the immediate aftermath of what you’d been working for over the last year you might want to at least have a nice, long weekend to unwind? But those rules aren’t going to rip off themselves – a fool and his money need to be separated – so the grifters are still hard at work.

The unbelievably insane slowness of the vote counting is fertile ground for bizarre justifications for conning people out of more of their money. 

The Georgia run-off election is at the top of the list for these scam artists. It’s the last remaining action, one more time to pretend they can influence votes, and they aren’t about to waste it. Starting election night, the emails began flowing. 

Fundraising gold in Georgia, they write “now that it’s going into a runoff, the GOP is spending millions to DEFEAT Raphael Warnock and DESTROY our Democratic Senate Majority once and for all. But we’re BROKE from spending all our money on the Midterms. We don’t have the money to fight back!! So we’ll need MASSIVE grassroots support to fund our campaign.” You have to love the idea that the GOP is sitting on piles of cash but sweet, sweet Democrats spent all their money and have to start at a disadvantage. Maybe they do, with their second largest donor this cycle looking like a crypto-crook, but it’s never time for the poorhouse when you’ve got Daddy Sorosbucks around. 

It continues, “That’s why we’re POWER-FUNDRAISING to reach $100,000 before Early Voting starts on Monday. If we hit our goal, Warnock will have the momentum he needs to WIN!! Look: Georgia is our KEY to defending our Democratic Senate Majority. So we’re BEGGING... chip in $5 to re-elect Rev. Warnock!”

Putting aside the fact that things have changed since this email came, and control of the Senate is no longer up for grabs, I have to laugh at the use of “Rev. Warnock” here. If Ralph Warnock were a man who put God before progressive politics, these very same leftists would be calling for him to run out of politics. “Religion has not to place in government!” they’d scream. But the government is their religion, so they look the other way. 

Not going to sit on the sidelines and let outside groups and the party rake in all the cash, Warnock’s campaign snapped to action too. “We're officially in a runoff election – meaning Rev. Warnock and Herschel Walker are facing off once again in just a few weeks,” the Warnock campaign writes. “With the future of Georgia and our Democratic agenda on the line, we need to make sure Rev. Warnock has the full support of this grassroots team behind him. That's why we're counting on 10,000 supporters like you to endorse our runoff campaign for Senate before midnight tonight. If you're with Rev. Warnock in this fight to keep Georgia blue, will you add your name and personally endorse our people-powered movement?”

Naturally, as any “man of God” will tell you, you can’t be expected to “endorse” a candidate for office without entering a credit card number first, the way the Good Lord intended. 

Lacking any fundraising emails from either left-wing groups or even Warnock himself is anything the man stands for. One email ends, “We urgently need to fight back, but I'm falling short of our midnight fundraising deadline. So please, Derek, will you chip in $5 to help me reach Georgia voters and keep this seat blue?”

Is that his only goal? It’s the focus of most of his fundraising: team politics. Maybe that’s enough. His history of alleged abuse of his ex-wife doesn’t seem to matter to any Democrats. They’d vote for Hitler to beat a Republican. I don’t believe that’s a two-way street (which is probably a topic for another column).

So the grift continues for one more month, then it will find a new reason to exist after that. If there’s one thing the parasite class is exceedingly good at it is finding new and creative ways to justify their scams.


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