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AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure, as the old saying goes. And Democrats, particularly in the media, sure love to figure.

Baring a miracle, some batch of proof – actual proof – of voter fraud, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th.

I get it, it sucks. But it’s my job to tell you the truth, and that’s the truth.

I’ve heard all the stories of fraud and corruption – hell, I grew up in Detroit and lived in Baltimore, I know all about those things, and that’s not to mention the Harry Reid machine that still exists in Nevada and the cesspool of corruption that is Atlanta politics – but what I haven’t seen is any of what a lot is needed: evidence.

I’m not discounting the possibility, or even the probability, but my “Spidey sense” tingling won’t stand up in court, and neither will anecdotes or even a few actual cases. For the outcome to change, or to be changed, there has to be hard evidence of massive fraud on a grand scale. Not one case here and there, fraud and violations of law always happen in elections, but enough to demonstrate the outcome may well have been altered.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, even though I’m definitely not a Pollyannaish person, but reality is not dependent upon our liking it, it just is.

That being said, for something good to come out of this mess, Republicans have to realize they need a stronger and smarter ground game.

Yes, President Trump got more votes than anyone except Joe Biden ever has, which is amazing. The GOP did a great job of voter outreach and ensuring those people voted. What they didn’t seem to do is spend enough time protecting the integrity of the vote.

Yes, they spent some and they filed lawsuits, but they needed people in the rooms where votes were stored, where signatures were verified, where day of voting was happening, every single minute of every single day. Quite simply, they needed more people.

Republicans raised a ton of money but seemingly didn’t use enough, or even much of it, hiring the best election law lawyers in the country and dispatching them in the cities everyone could have predicted there would be problems.

Never trust any public official in Detroit, and you can double that when the governor is also a Democrat – think of a degenerate kid whose enabling parents are out of town. Philadelphia is the same story – a history of corruption, passed on generation to generation – that should have been under the microscope for months.

There doesn’t seem to have been a plan for a close election at all. Nothing against Rudy Giuliani, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, et. al., but they are more of the PR arm of a fight, not the legal tip of the spear. They’re excellent and making accusations and voicing legitimate concerns, but there has to be a “2 punch” in a 1-2 punch. That seems to be missing, at least so far.

Simply sowing doubt isn’t enough, at least if your intention is to win. If you want to undermine the results you don’t think you can ultimately prevail on, then that’s fine. But winning is something else entirely and has to be done in court with hard, irrefutable evidence.

I wouldn’t blame President Trump if he was content to cast doubt and suspicion over a Biden administration, turnabout is the fairest of plays and Democrats never once, not even for a second, were decent human beings accepting their 2016 loss. But again, that’s not a strategy for winning. It’s a plot for payback. You can do both simultaneously -- I just don’t see the other, more important case being made.

President Trump has many legal options at his disposal, all of which are his perfect right to exercise. But if he doesn’t have a case beyond suspicion for the most important case, there are better ways to go about the latter.

There will always be a cloud of suspicion hovering over a Biden administration, but the way to thicken it is not to dilute already suspicious activities and outcomes with wild accusations alone. It’s to back up what already smells with proof. And it has to be soon or it won’t matter.


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