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Looking For A Lose/Less-Lose Situation

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I’ve said from the beginning the one thing that could make me vote for Donald Trump isn’t Trump; it’s Hillary Clinton.

I don’t trust either of them, but the thought of my conservative beliefs bastardized by a candidate who uses the word but believes in none of the principles seems a bridge too far. I don’t want to spend the next four years fighting in my own trench against those in my own uniform, as squishy Republicans fall in line with bad ideas simply because they were proposed by a president with an R after his name. But it’s getting tougher to maintain that position.


My thinking was if Hillary were to win – and the circumstances of the election still favor her – I would hope she’d be so damaged and facing at least a Republican House that the federal government would be stagnant. A crippled one-term Clinton presidency the nation could handle, I thought. But a one-term Clinton-lite presidency with smaller versions of progressive programs perpetrated by a “Republican” is something conservatism would have a harder time surviving. Now I’m not so sure.

How many cities, controlled generationally by Democrats, have to burn, under a Democratic president, before the American people scream “ENOUGH!”?

The answer, sadly, may be “more.”

And burn they will because unrest, protests, anger and riots help Democrats. Not with the broad electorate, but with their base. Emotion will always override rational thought; keeping people angry keeps them from thinking. If you keep them from thinking they will vote angry. Ignorant angry.

Democrats have spent decades indoctrinating their captives to the belief Republicans, particularly conservatives, are history’s greatest monsters. Conversely, they’ve painted themselves as the great protectors of the poor, minorities and anyone who feels the mythical “they” responsible for any uncredited wrong in life. In spite of generations of deteriorating neighborhoods, the fear they’ve instilled has them convinced it could be worse. How? Who knows?


These petri dishes of progressive policy domination and political dominance could only be made worse if they were literally on fire. But emotion trumps logic. Advantage Hillary.

There’s every reason to believe the next four years would be like the last eight – made worse by the compounded damage only prolonged self-destruction can provide.

How could people, no matter how brainwashed, not look right through that party? The only promise kept was to fend off Republicans, to thwart an alternative path.

The anger and victimhood ingrained in angry mobs is self-defeating, therefore victory for the left. Strife is water to their fish.

The destruction in their wake is the byproduct of their wishes. Charlotte is their currency.

ISIS has no real need to attack the United States. It doesn’t have to actively try to destroy us. All it has to do is wait. We’ll do it ourselves, from the inside. And all in the name of progress. Ever forward…

My problem, from the beginning, is I don’t honestly know if Donald Trump would be any different. I’ve heard him say he wants to do some good things, but I’ve also heard him contradict just about everything he’s said, at one point or another. In some cases multiple times.

I’ve mostly let it slide since I’d resolved myself to writing in a random name when I vote. I’ve chosen to focus the majority of my ire at Hillary and focus on Trump only when necessary.


Comfortably living in Maryland and assured, even further, of Hillary winning this state, I’d allowed myself to be absolved of responsibility for whatever happens in November. After all, if Maryland found itself somehow in play, Trump would be winning by such a landslide nationwide my writing in Bugs Bunny wouldn’t matter.

But it does matter, even though Maryland won’t be close. I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, sit out this one.

Still, I’m not there yet.

But as another city burned, I couldn’t help but feel anger at what the left has done to this country. And, as I’ve said, emotion trumps logic. I do not want to vote for Donald Trump because I do not believe in him. Still, I’m feeling compelled to vote against every Democrat, up and down the ballot. Especially Hillary.

It won’t matter in Maryland, but it would wash my hands a little cleaner. It’s an inner-wrestling match I imagine every #NeverTrump individual is feeling.

Nothing makes me not want to vote for Donald Trump like Donald Trump. But every time a city burns, or left-wing protesters attack those who won’t bow to their will, or I hear some privileged, pompous actor, athlete, or politician rail against the United States using progressive propaganda that would make Goebbels blush, the desire to vote against Hillary grows.

In coming weeks, starting with the debate tomorrow, I, and I imagine countless others, will be looking – yearning – for something to not only repel us further from Hillary, but bring us to Trump. Something, just to tip the scale to a minimum of a lose/less lose situation. And the consistency to keep it that way till Election Day and beyond.


There are a lot of people who feel this way, many of whom live in swing states whose votes could make a difference. We’ll all be watching, closely, with great interest in the hope of finding something to show us we won’t be supporting more of the same, only done in our names and the name of conservatism. Guess we’ll see.

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