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The Scourge Of Racism In America

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Oh yes, there is significant racism in America today. It is alive and well, and it is systemic. Not in the way progressive activists would have you believe – that it’s “open season on young black men,” for example – but in the way the Democratic Party views and treats black Americans. It’s every bit as nefarious and damaging as Democrats’ segregationist past; only this time the bigotry is couched in compassion.


Progressive Democrats would have you believe they own the market on compassion for minorities. Name an issue, particularly one involving race, and you’ll find some left-wing group willing to drum circle or sit-in for whatever they view “justice” to be. Whenever they do a parade of Democratic politicians beats a path to their “safe space” to heap praise and bask in the glow of media glory.

But what do they really think about black people? No one asks that question because it is simply assumed Democrats are the party of compassion and diversity and therefore the only option for black voters. The results back this up – party loyalty of black voters to Democrats wins elections. But how do Democrats actually treat these most dependable of friends?

To say Democrats take black voters for granted is an understatement. To take someone for granted is to be confident they’ll always be there, no matter how you treat them. Modern progressive Democrats barely offer lip service anymore. Black voters aren’t even considered anymore, Democrats so take these votes for granted they no longer even think they don’t have to bother.

Has Hillary gone to the south side of Chicago? Talked about the southside of Chicago? When she went to Detroit to give a speech she didn’t actually deliver the speech in Detroit, but in Macomb County, a blue-collar, white county near the city.


Black voters have become a prop for Democrats, a device to be used to garner support from white liberals and Hispanics.

For white liberals, Democrats speak of problems plaguing the black community to guilt them into voting for Democrats. For Hispanics, black voters are used as a cautionary tale. “Look what Republicans did to black people. We’ll protect you from their racism!”

Of course, the guilt is misplaced – liberal policies have been in place in majority black cities around the country for generations; all the decimation can be traced to them, not some GOP plot. Even if Republicans wanted to destroy them, they’d first have to rebuild them from the progressive economic carpet-bombing they’ve suffered at the hands of Democrats.

Suburban whites see this destruction, but they do not understand the people tugging on their heart strings over this destruction are the ones who brought it about.

As for Hispanics, they’re the next “electoral pot of gold” for the left. If they can be bamboozled into generational “obtuseness” under the guise of compassion, there will be nothing stopping Democrats. It’ll work out just as well for Hispanics as it has for blacks, but power was and always is the end game for the left.

So what really is racist? Where is the racism Democrats are “protecting” these communities coming from?


One party views people as people as the individuals they are. The other proudly states black people are incapable of obtaining free photo IDs. One seeks to empower individuals to realize their potential and have a shot to raise themselves up as high as their ability, work-ethic and good fortune will take them The other views them as unable to open bank accounts and sees them a victims of payday loans and check cashing places. One wants to free everyone from the soul-crushing death spiral of government dependence. The other hears “food stamps” and thinks “black people” even though there are more white people receiving them.

One is the American spirit; the other is racist.

The latest example happened in Michigan, where the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the state’s decision to remove straight party-line voting from their ballot violated the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act. How, especially since states are free to set up their own voting systems? Because, according to the liberal judges (two appointed by Bill Clinton, one by Barack Obama), it would cause black people to take much longer to vote.

The judges wrote requiring people to actually mark their ballots for candidates “will increase the time that it takes to vote, particularly in African-American communities where straight-party voting is prominent and where lines are often already long. The district court also found that the law was likely to increase voter confusion and miscast ballots.”


In other words, these liberals want black people to show up, mark their box, then go away. They think people, “particularly in African-American communities,” will be overcome by “confusion” should anything more than the most basic of activities be asked of them.

They also want to remove the threat of thought from the process. What if someone went in to vote and realized they were checking the boxes next to the names that had been “helping” them for years, helping them to death. Years in which so many neighborhoods have crumbled into crime-riddled, abandoned open-air prisons of unemployment and EBT cards?

“What if” indeed. Democrats will do anything to avoid that from happening. The question is, how long will people keep allowing it to happen to them?

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