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Blood On Their Hands

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Ferguson is burning again, and there are two pools of blood soaking into the Missouri ground from police officers who were doing nothing more than their jobs.

They will live, thankfully, but the shooters and the atmosphere that caused their near-deaths remains. That atmosphere was birthed from a lie, stoked by the media and fanned by the attorney general and the president, and every single one of them has some of that blood on their hands.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” is a bigger lie than “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” And just like 2013’s “Lie of the Year,” there are a lot of people who, in spite of facts to the contrary, simply will not acknowledge it’s a lie.

People have profited from the “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie, be it through money, power or politics. And with anything that is profitable, those gaining from it never will let it go until every last little bit of what it offers has been milked from its marrow.

The leaders of the street protests saw an opportunity in the death Michael Brown, a chance to reinforce the lie of “oppression” and of a murderous police force “hunting down and killing young black men.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, but the truth is so passé.

When it was announced in November that officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted by the grand jury, the prosecutor meticulously went through the evidence proving Brown had attacked Wilson in his car, tried to get his gun, then was charging him for round 2 when Wilson shot him in self-defense. It was an unambiguous, open-and-shut case. But the lie – that Brown was trying to surrender to a racist cop who executed him while he held his hands above his head – was too good to let go.

It had spread across the country like only a lie can. Progressive activists saw an opportunity to agitate, to mobilize the uniformed they’d been lying to for generations. It worked.

The misinformed were herded into the streets to chant and demand “justice” by… blocking traffic. It made just as little sense at the time as it does reading it now, but what mattered to progressives was ensuring those they’ve exploited remained ignorant and angry. That couldn’t happen without the other legs of the stool.

The media dutifully “reported” the lie because there is nothing progressive journalists crave more than feeling like they’re “making a difference.” If that difference is predicated on a lie, so be it. The ends, the agenda, justifies the means.

Satellite trucks filled with “journalists” full of narrative were dispatched to Ferguson. They didn’t inform; they gave voice to the lie, even challenged those who questioned it. No witness or piece of forensic evidence would be allowed to undermine the narrative.

When the grand jury in Ferguson refused to indict, the media feigned outrage. Pundits and talking heads lamented the “denial of justice” when justice was exactly what was done.

Even the president took to the world stage at the United Nations to draw a perverted moral equivalence between the problems of the world and the death of Brown. It was a stunning act, unpresidential; but it was what a community organizer does.

Barack Obama is a community organizer, and community organizers don’t solve problems, they agitate. When they create a fury they harness it for power and “action.” That President Obama had faced his last election was irrelevant. At his core he is not a leader, he’s a community organizer. Problem solving is not his forte, exacerbation is.

The same is true for Attorney General Eric Holder. After months of desperately trying to find a way to charge Wilson with anything, nothing could be done. No evidence of wrongdoing could be found; the shooting, even when combed over by those desperate to make it not so, was ruled justified.

So when Holder walked up to the microphones to inform the world his scramble came up as empty as the case against Wilson, Holder barely mentioned it. Out of  3,276 words Holder spoke at his press conference announcing the Justice Department came to the same conclusion as the grand jury he and the president had denounced months earlier, he mentioned Darren Wilson exactly twice, saying “Michael Brown’s death, though a tragedy, did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of Officer Wilson.” The rest of what he said was designed to reinforce the ongoing, but dying, narrative.

Never let a good crisis go to waste…

The false scab being ripped off and lemon juice being poured on the imagined wound, the uninformed were herded back to the streets. They were aware of the exoneration but not the reasons for it. The attorney general spent the remaining 3,000-plus words claiming that although Brown was not a victim of racism, everyone else in Ferguson was.

The president sat silently, and the media assumed their usual position and parroted how everyone was oppressed.

Then two police officers were shot.

Even the reality of two innocent people nearly possibly losing their lives did not dissuade the progressive agitation machine. President Obama went not to a podium to denounce their attempted murder, but to Twitter. A half-hearted 24 words, 140 characters, was all a man never more than a room or two away from news cameras could muster.

Later that night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the president again spoke not of facts, but of victimization. After a quick “That’s a shame those cops were shot, but they’ll be fine” denouncement, he reiterated the “everyone is a victim” meme. Leaders lead; community organizers agitate.

Everyone from the president and attorney general to the media and the people on the streets in Ferguson have the blood of those officers on their hands. That they’re alive today is an accident. If two police officers being assassinated in New York by a member of the mob didn’t give these rousers of rabble pause, two more certainly won’t.

The fact is there is no body count that will dissuade progressives. The 20th century is piled high with the bodies left in the wake of progressives’ agenda, from Berlin to Beijing and every despotic corner of the globe. A few more, or any number more, has no bearing on them.

But make no mistake, while it may not be by design, the blood of those two police officers soaking into the ground in Ferguson is the natural byproduct of the progressive will.

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