We Are The Problem

Posted: Apr 03, 2014 12:01 AM
We Are The Problem

Progressives are awful people willing to exploit anything and anyone to advance their agenda. From the human props trotted out at every White House event to former Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings mocking Andrew Breitbart’s death to push Obamacare, there’s no line they won’t cross, no lie they won’t tell, to force their government religion on people who simply want to be left alone.

Force is the cornerstone of the progressive philosophy. Hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered in the name of “progress” in the last century. Lynchings, forced sterilizations and “work” camps may have morphed into “anti-poverty programs,” speech codes and various marches for “rights,” but the goal remains unchanged – control.

Progressives have learned the lessons of the 20th century – public relations trumps all. You can do anything, no matter how despicable, as long as you couple it with flowery prose and staged visuals. Propaganda is king, and stated intentions supersede actual results. Progressives cheer Obamacare as a way to “help” people but ignore the millions harmed by it. They “meant well,” and meaning well is more important than the reality of harm.

Having the media on their side helps. They’re so far in the tank for the agenda they’d make the progressive propagandists of the last century, from the Soviet Union and Germany to China and Cuba, blush.

The media being as loyal as a Labrador is the world as it now exists. That Sheryl Attkisson was run out of CBS News for treating the Obama administration with the same skepticism with which her colleagues treated the Bush administration serves as a testament to the fact the “Fourth Estate” has become a “Fifth Column.”

Blame for what journalism has become lies firmly with its perpetrators, but this didn’t occur in a vacuum. That it was allowed to be co-opted by the left – along with the rest of pop culture – is not progressives’ fault. To assign blame for that, find the nearest reflective surface.

The metastasizing of the progressive philosophy, and the acceptance of lies as truth, is aided and steered by the George Soroses of the world, but it was and is funded by us.

With rare exception, conservatives have abandoned Hollywood, the media and academia, areas in which they were once major players. The empowerment of progressives in politics isn’t the cause of that shift, it is the result. And those institutions simply cannot survive without money from those they seek to defeat.

Every movie ticket or newspaper we buy, every second we spend on any given television network is another dollar going into the coffers of the forces pushing the agenda conservatives oppose. We are feeding the beast.

Dropping out of society is not an option. Living as Luddites and avoiding everything that feeds the progressive beast is impossible. But not all is lost. The beast is as dependent upon that money as any junkie is to heroin, and in that money is power.

No. 13 in Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals is “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The extreme left does this regularly – “Bridgegate” is the worst thing to ever happen to human beings and is presented as such daily. Maybe it’s about time we play by their rules.

Progressives are easy to mobilize – they seek fulfillment, meaning and, in many cases, the justification for their existence in others. When you cede control of your life to external forces, you jump when they say jump. Conservatives are individuals, and they have jobs, so taking to the streets simply doesn’t happen on the right. Occupy Wall Street had a ready-made army of layabouts who saw no problem with building “rape-free tents.” Tea Party members have to work in the morning.

But there are things that can be done without ceasing to shower and casually accepting sexual assault. Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it, so to speak. People won’t stop going to movies, listening to music or consuming news. But if one target – or even part of one – were chosen, an impact could be made, and perhaps the beast might begin to correct itself.

NBC is the embodiment of the bastardization of news, entertainment and the progressive agenda, and Meet The Press is its crown jewel. Its ratings have been abysmal, sinking ever lower since David Gregory took the helm. But they’ve stuck with him and their four-or-five-to-one ratio of progressives to conservatives as guests. Last Sunday, after a week when a half-dozen elected Democrats were arrested across the country for everything from corruption and bribery to child pornography, Meet The Press covered traffic in New Jersey from September of last year. In short, it’s awful.

While its ratings are down (it comes in third of the four Sunday shows) it still rates. Why watch it? What do you miss by not watching it? What of any importance would you miss if you didn’t watch it? Anything newsworthy immediately will be posted on any number of websites. But it would hurt NBC. Even lower ratings would lower advertising rates, which would mean less money to sustain the progressive propaganda outfit known as NBC News (including MSNBC). It would send a message that would either force change back to honest journalism or kill Meet The Press. It doesn’t matter which outcome results, results would be the outcome.

Taking on the Progressive Media Complex whole cloth isn’t possible unless everyone immediately becomes Amish and unplugs. That won’t happen, nor should it. But conservatives should not continue to feed the beast that views them as the enemy, to fund its assault against everything we hold true. Meet The Press is an institution, and it’s a vulnerable target. It’s time to freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. This Sunday, and every Sunday for the month of April, turn off Meet The Press. Don’t DVR it, don’t watch it later, don’t let anyone in your house watch it. You won’t miss it, but you will send a message.

If you’re sick of having your beliefs attacked by self-proclaimed journalists who misinform and flat-out lie to the American people, stop feeding the beast. Dr. Frankenstein can complain about the monster all he wants, but he created it. And conservatives can complain about media bias till the cows come home, but we’re feeding it. And until that stops, nothing is going to change.

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