Democrats Sweep Allegations of Biden's Sexual Misconduct Under the Rug

Posted: Aug 27, 2020 12:01 AM
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Democrats Sweep Allegations of Biden's Sexual Misconduct Under the Rug

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The Democratic Party, mainstream media, and Kamala Harris all claim to stand for American women — but their silence about Joe Biden's sexual misconduct is deafening. That is why I launchedwomenforbiden.com– to shine a light on Joe Biden's disturbing conduct towards women. 

In spite of the power and influence Biden has among the heavily Democrat Washington machine, eight women have gone on record saying the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee had inappropriately touched them or invaded their space in a way that made them feel uncomfortable. Tara Reade, a former member of Biden’s Senate staff, said she and her boyfriend fled Washington, D.C. for the Midwest after he sexually assaulted her on the job. 

Such accusations, disturbing as they are, merely substantiate the impression most people get when they watch the former vice president indulge his bizarre habit of manhandling women and children

There is ample footage of Biden touching women and young children inappropriately, sniffing them, and making inappropriate sexual remarks; but top Democrats are willing to defend Biden even when he puts his creepy moves on their own wives and daughters. Delaware Senator Chris Coons, whose daughter Maggie was famously seen pulling her head away from Biden as he whispered in her ear, said people should realize the physical nature is just “a big part” of who Biden is: “he hugs people, he connects to people, he talks to people.” 

Sometimes, Biden also massages their shoulders and breathes down their necks, as he did to the wife of former Defense Secretary Ash Carter during Carter’s swearing-in ceremony.

Even prominent supporters of the #MeToo movement such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Senator Kamala Harris are willing to overlook his handsy-ness now that he’s the Democratic Party’s standard bearer.

Echoing the “believe all women” mantra of #MeToo, Harris previously said she believed the women who have accused Biden of inappropriately touching or harassing them, and even urged them to come forward and tell their stories. Since joining the Democratic ticket as Biden’s running mate, however, Harris has studiously avoided the topic. Pelosi once urged Biden to “join the straight-arm club,” advising him to keep children and others at arms’ length as a means of controlling his inappropriate touching, but she also insisted that his habit of groping people should not disqualify him from running for President — a hedge that she is no doubt glad to have made now that Biden has become the de facto leader of her party. 

Of course, Biden is hardly the first prominent Democrat to benefit from such blatant double standards. Former President Bill Clinton was credibly accused of heinous sexual misconduct — including rape — prior to running for president, but managed to secure the Democrat nomination anyway. 

Many found it jarring to watch the ex-Predator-in-Chief endorse Joe Biden, given the parallels between their situations. After successfully squelching numerous “bimbo eruptions” during the 1992 campaign, Clinton was eventually impeached in large part due to his extramarital dalliance with a White House intern. It was especially galling because on the very same day that he addressed the DNC, photographic evidence emerged of Clinton receiving a massage from sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s personal masseuse. 

The Democratic establishment clearly doesn’t feel embarrassed about affiliating with sexual predators, though. The same party that escaped scrutiny for taking over a million dollars in donations from infamous Hollywood sex offender Harvey Weinstein and $147,426 from Jeffrey Epstein, and even emerged relatively unscathed from the scandal-plagued Clinton years, will have little incentive to care about mere allegations as long as voters are willing to let it get away with the rank hypocrisy of sheltering deviants while proclaiming itself the party of women.

Actions speak louder than words — and sometimes silence does, too.

David Blair is the Executive Director of the Conservative Leadership PAC and President of the Blair Group LLC. Formerly, David served as National Director of Youth for Trump, the Deputy Press Secretary at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and director of the Leadership Institutes' flagship training program the Youth Leadership School.