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Now that the Fed has announced it will indeed raise rates, so far it hasn't made more than a blip on the radar screen. Now the question is: Will the markets behave as though we might see three or more additional hikes next year?


While the Libs are whining about Russia and conservative media are trying to defend the lunacy of a rigged election, no one on either side is talking about a corrupt campaign and a money-hungry, power-grabbing, corrupt state department. That would require a conversation about the content of emails and private servers.

All of this is happening while the markets and consumer sentiment are through the roof. I don’t think even radical liberals believe any of this is because of the “leadership” in the White House.

In 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally change America. Some heard this phrase and thought surely he meant to bring positive change to the nation.

Now, we have seen his ‘fundamentally changed’ America. What’s most apparent? It’s primarily negative. It’s been bad for the economy of the middle class, for the poverty-stricken, for the educational system, and for the chance to achieve prosperity as America continues to lose its place as the land of opportunity. (I do understand—sad to say—that this change has been a meaningful and positive step in the right direction for the ideology of this president and his supporters.)

However, we are at the dawn of a new day. We are about to go from apologizing for American exceptionalism to emphasizing American greatness, and to go from a move toward globalism to leading as a global power.


Rapid Change

I, for one, have talked for many years about how quickly fundamental change can happen. And how an ideology can permeate Washington, D.C., and spread across America far faster than most of us could imagine.

For eight years, our Congress sat back and asked, “How much damage can really be done?” Not only was there an enormous amount of damage, but through their complacency, the Republicans in Congress helped perpetuate this ‘fundamental change.’

Their silence and willingness to allow the Democrats to set the agenda was one factor. Then there was their unique ability to surrender on any issue that might have required even the smallest bit of confrontation. This inaction greatly aided the goals of this administration.

However, it appears that Americans (not politicians) have come to the realization that the fundamental change of elitist politicians in the White House, Capitol Hill and throughout Washington is only good for those elitists.

Now, our hope is in America and the God who inspired our formation. I pray that we will not forget what can happen when power is out of the hands of the governed. We must remember that we live in a republic that was designed to work as well in 2017 as it did in the days after Sept. 17, 1787, when our founding fathers signed the Constitution of the United States in Philadelphia.

Now, 37 days after the election, a man most thought could never win has showed an unwavering strength and an unwillingness to compromise the values necessary to make America great—by simply articulating his policies. Thus, through his genuine concern and commitment to fight for America and its people, Trump has accomplished more in 37 days than President Obama has in eight years.


The mainstream media is touting what has happened in the past month as evidence of the accomplishment of Barack Obama’s policies, adding, ironically, that Donald Trump is “inheriting” a strong economy from Barack Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth! If those involved in our failed 2009 economic stimulus and the markets were still in place, meaning an incoming Clinton administration, there would be the same pent-up frustration.

Intrusive Government Fading

Such dissatisfaction would stem from things like concerns about regulatory burdens and the inability to work within a tax structure that penalizes companies that grow and make profits. Not to mention the demonizing of Wall Street, “fat cat” bankers, and business growth and mergers.

A continuation of Obama’s policies presented the prospects of a bigger and more intrusive government, and an EPA that has more power to control a company’s profits than the company itself. We would only expect more difficulties for small businesses trying to launch new enterprises and operate under a more oppressive and controlling government—a government doing everything possible to impede American growth and free markets.

On Nov. 8, though, all of that became a thing of the past. Remember, the corporate world and the financial systems have trillions of dollars on the sidelines, waiting and wanting to be put to work. The Obama administration has only one thing it can take credit for: creating an environment in which his supposed anointed and pre-ordained successor could not be elected.


It’s because of that that we are seeing history being made. Why? Because people believe like Trump. They supported an “unelectable” man who has made the commitment that positive change is coming to the America he loves. That has already caused dramatic change in the markets, in the attitudes of corporations, and—most importantly—in the confidence and excitement of the American consumer.

Trust me, the current administration has absolutely nothing to do with the driving force that has had an historical and incredible effect in just 37 days.

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