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A recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey found a majority of Americans think we should “learn to live with” COVID and “get back to normal.”


A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey found three-quarters of adults describe themselves as "tired or frustrated" with the pandemic.

A recent Monmouth University poll found seventy percent of Americans say COVID is “here to stay” and we should “get on with our lives.”  The same survey found only forty-three percent of respondents supported vaccine mandates.

The Supreme Court struck down Joe Biden’s unconstitutional shot mandate for companies with a payroll of one hundred employees or more. 

A Canadian trucker strike protesting mandates is approaching two weeks old showing no signs of stopping as millions of dollars and thousands of people (including Americans) have poured to their aid and threatened action in the U.S.  

Who isn’t aware of the blistering outrage from parents at school board meetings nationwide and Glenn Youngkin’s devastating victory in once reliably blue Virginia?

Even CNN’s chief medical doomsayer Dr. Leana Wen declared this week it was time to move away from mandates and return to normal living. 

Yet despite it all, Democrats continue undeterred in waging war on their fellow Americans.    

A chilling Rasmussen survey taken only last month found fifty-five percent of Democrats surveyed supported fines for those who wouldn’t get the COVID shot.  Fifty-nine percent of Democrats said citizens who wouldn’t take the shot should be confined at home. 

Worse still, forty-five percent of Democrats favor designated detention facilities for those who won’t take the shot while forty-seven percent believe government should permanently track said “offenders.”  Most disturbing, nearly half of Democrats think government should imprison those who publicly QUESTION the efficacy of the shot through traditional broadcast and social media.


Podcast star Joe Rogan has learned the hard way.  Once considered a bi-partisan destination for irreverent and interesting conversation and interviews, Rogan became the target of left-wing ire after hosting guests who discussed alternative points of view to the government orthodoxy on COVID. It got worse for him when he spoke openly of his personal, alternative treatment to COVID.  NFL star Aaron Rodgers suffered the same fate for simply refusing a shot and asking questions publicly about treatment.

These men with once-broad appeal have now become mascots in the left’s search and destroy mission.  Mocked on SNL, attacked from the White House, excoriated and maligned as kooks on liberal cable news outlets. The mob is actively attempting to banish them from public view for good.  

It’s not just anti-shot celebrities the left wants to crush. Doctors who proscribe off-label use drugs are losing their jobs and reputations. American Federation For Teachers President Randi Weingarten continues to remain committed to cruelly torturing children through forced masking until there is “zero transmission” of COVID.  Yes, “zero.” 

Even our nation’s very best, the brave men and women who serve in our military and commit to sacrificing their very lives in defense of freedom have been told they don’t have the freedom to refuse a shot. 

But the Democrats’ destructive war on the country isn’t simply limited to COVID.  

Last month they tried to take over the way we conduct elections from the states while threatening some of their own party who wouldn’t go along.  George Soros-funded Democrat district attorneys refuse to prosecute theft and violence in major American cities.  


Homicides are through the roof.  Retail and auto theft is through the roof.  Homeless, drug-addicted zombies lay waste to city streets.  Worse, the Democrats who run these cities have gone to war with and called to defund and strip authority from the police officers that remain the single thin, blue line between anarchy and their residents.

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has conspired to frame Americans for wild, politically motivated schemes. They currently hold many in federal custody without formal charges related to undefined law breaking on January 6th, 2021.  

Two Republican members of Congress have accused the DOJ of going through their constituent mail and interrogating their staff.  They’ve threatened to deploy resources to school board meetings to keep an eye on parents who get too uppity. 

Democrats want a peek into your bank accounts if you have $600 bucks or more.  Female college athletes are struggling to resist a Democrat push to accept biological men in their sports, robbing them of roster spots and scholarships. 

A Democrat endorsed, wide-open southern border welcomes in millions of illegal migrants, bussed and flown for release in communities all over the country where teachers must deal with non-English speaking students and community standards of living spiral in rapid decline. 

This week’s cherry on top from Democrats was the announcement of Biden’s DOJ looking to approve “safe injection sites” for heroin users to shoot up in supervised facilities across the country while Biden’s Health and Human Services Department is seeking to hand out $30 million in federal grants to non-profit groups to purchase crack pipes for “safe smoking.”


This isn’t apocalyptic, political hyperbole.  I’ve shown my work in the links above.  This is the Democrat Party in 2022 and they’re coming for you.  You won’t have the ability to shrug it off as politics you want nothing to do with. They won’t allow you to simply ignore them.  Take them seriously and work to defeat them before there’s nothing left to save.    

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