Carrie Lukas

Carrie Lukas
If Categories Like Women and Men No Longer Matter, Why Bother with Equal Pay Day?
By Carrie Lukas
Many progressives today insist that gender is fluid and that American law should abolish any distinctions between the sexes. Yet, ...
March 24, 2021
Government Shouldn’t Be a King Maker
By Carrie Lukas
American exceptionalism—recently misrepresented and dismissed by Russian President Putin—stems from our founding on a set of principles. Our Founders understood ...
October 08, 2013
Scare Tactics Distract from Finding a Cure
By Carrie Lukas
With Halloween this week, one might assume that orange and black are the hands-down winners for favorite marketing décor. ...
October 30, 2012
When Government Graft Is the Key to Business Success
By Carrie Lukas
A friend who was a successful Hollywood child actor once explained why so many entertainers are liberal: Becoming a Hollywood ...
July 24, 2012
Will “the Blade” Pop the Higher Education Bubble?
By Carrie Lukas
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced that he will become the president of Purdue University when he leaves office in January. ...
June 26, 2012
One Way Government Makes Families Poorer
By Carrie Lukas
I need a new car. I recently had my fourth child, and while everyone fits in our current vehicle, ...
June 19, 2012
Free College: A Liberal Idea Worth Trying
By Carrie Lukas
Young Americans face tough times: Record-breaking youth unemployment—including for those with college degrees—and high levels of debt from student ...
May 08, 2012
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