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Hillary Pantsuits: Made in Bangladesh? Trump Ties…China!

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On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton stood in front of a clothing display at American-made Knotty Ties in Colorado. The image was to portray the message that Trump ties can be made in America. “So, why does Donald Trump make his ties in China” she asked.

She failed to mention that this company, Knotty Ties, predominantly hires Muslim refugees, which effectively steals all those so-called jobs from Americans.

She was wearing one of her pantsuits which range in price from $3000-$15,000 usually made by Armani, Ralph Lauren and Susanna Beverly Hills.  Don't you find it hypocritical that Hillary Clinton stands in front of a Colorado tie company (full of refugee non-American workers) to point out that Donald Trump makes his ties in China and suits in Mexico while she wears clothing from designers who manufacture most of theirs in China, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka?

Now, I can't be sure where her pricey, custom pantsuits are made. But, I did speak off the record to a custom high-end clothing manufacturer that I've known for years. I asked where the suits I bought were made. All of the material is manufactured in mills outside of the United States because it's impossible due to labor laws (mainly created by liberals like Hillary Clinton).

In order to manufacture a tie for less than $80, or a suit well under $1000, it generally has to be made overseas with machines and/or cheap labor. However, higher-end suits costing between $2000 or more can be manufactured in the United States - given the increased profit margin and quality standards.

There was plenty of conversation surrounding the white pantsuit Clinton wore at the Democrat national convention while accepting the nomination. We’re told it was a Ralph Lauren pantsuit. She's also known to wear Armani pantsuits at her speeches. Ralph Lauren and Armani assemble many of their products in Bangladesh.

In 2015, The Guardian newspaper reported that workers in these clothing mills in Bangladesh face physical assault, verbal abuse, forced overtime, unsanitary conditions, denial of paid maternity leave, and failure to pay wages and bonuses on time or in full.

Why would a champion for women, workers rights and international humanitarian efforts wear clothing made in such conditions? Even if her pantsuits were assembled in the United States, it is likely that the material was manufactured abroad in such a facility.

I thought Armani was Italian! 

Honestly, I don't really care where Hillary Clinton buys her expensive pantsuits. What I do care about is the fact that she stands in front of a US manufacturer of ties (such as Knotty ties) and attempts to ridicule her political opponent for manufacturing his ties and suits in other countries - without educating the American people as to why this is the case.

Until we understand why companies in America are forced to outsource their manufacturing we will never fully repair the economy in our country and create upward mobility for American workers (our citizens, not refugees). People like Hillary Clinton disingenuously make rich conclusions as to why people like Trump manufacture abroad. They say it’s greed and the pursuit of profits. She does this while ignoring the fact that he employs tens of thousands of American workers. How many people has Hillary Clinton ever employed in her business? And, her political campaign staff doesn’t count! Let me give you the answer: it’s ‘none.’

As a consumer economy, we demand products to be commoditized. In other words, we want the best quality for the lowest price. Price, however, has become the driving factor in America due to stagnant wages and decreasing financial resources. In order to compete, American businesses outsource their work to cheap labor in foreign countries and drive their prices downward in order to meet those demands.

Years of liberal policies empowering labor unions, burdensome health-insurance requirements, expanded EPA regulations and government regulations on businesses have made the costs of manufacturing domestically overwhelming.

Unless we use Trump-policies to punish countries who manipulate their currency, abuse their workers and cheat, we will never reverse the flow of jobs leaving our country. Do you think any American company really wants to run a manufacturing plant overseas to ship products back to the American consumer? They have no choice if they wish to compete in the World’s biggest economy.   

I attempted to order a ‘Knotty Tie’ from the Colorado company touted by Hillary Clinton.  In order to receive it in 5 business days, I had to pay $49 for the tie, plus $51 for the expedited delivery fee. Instead, I decided to order a Trump Tie on Amazon.  It was $40 with two delivery options: tomorrow for $3.99 or 2-day ‘Prime’ delivery for free.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Knotty Tie on Amazon. In this case, Trump got the sale.

How many people do you think stop on Amazon to see where the product they are buying is made?  It’s real simple:  They buy the highest rated product with the cheapest price. That’s reality. 

Once again, Hillary Clinton stands in front of a prop and lies to the American people. If she wants to ridicule a man who employees tens-of-thousands of Americans (because he makes a few clothing items overseas) then I’d suggest she show up to the speech with clothing, shoes and a scarf made (from scratch - material included) 100% in America. Good luck finding that.

I do have one critical opinion about Trump ties. Can someone please tell Mr. Trump that he wears them about a foot too long?  

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