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President Obama & Company’s Domestic al-Qaeda Tacticts

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The best way to get people to support your cause is to show how the effort will prevent the suffering of others. Obama says that If we issue executive orders in favor of more gun control, we’ll slow down senseless gun violence. If we tax the rich more, it will provide just “a little bit” of help to those who need it the most.


President Obama uses emotional stories of death, poverty and greed to elicit emotions from unintelligent people so they will join his cause. This narcissistic leadership isn’t interested in improving conditions. Their ultimate objective is to manipulate masses of people in order to increase wealth, power and influence for themselves or those close to them and create the illusion of effectiveness.

I believe President Obama’s gun control orders are intended to worsen the problem. I come to this conclusion by questioning why The President would want to empower mental health professionals to report their clients to the Government. This will deter people from getting the help they need and certainly leave us more vulnerable to gun violence as people refuse to get treatment for fear of being penalized for their illness. As a result the problem worsens, and more people begin to agree with the necessity of further Gun Control out of desperation.

For nearly two decades, prior to September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden recruited armies of men. Most Americans have dismissed these men as crazy, Islamic-radicals. By societies’ standards they are. However, most of these men were not interested in killing Americans or participating in Jihad. Bin Laden cleverly captivated these men by appealing to their fear and empathy. He showed them images of dead Muslim-civilians from the Gulf War, suffering people due to oppressive regimes (such as our fights in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq) and misery in Iran, resulting from decades of government oppression. He conflated all of these instances of harshness, human suffering and poverty into being the fault of America, labeling us the “infidel.” His recruits turned out to almost entirely consist of men who simply wanted to help people who were suffering. Many of them had no initial interest in going to war, killing themselves or being suicide bombers.


Once these people became involved, their ignorance was manipulated and they were taught a radical version of Islam. Many of them had little awareness of the teachings of the Quran prior to their involvement, thus why they are labeled ignorant. Over time, he convinced them that the United States was the cause of this suffering and pain and that the only way to help the sufferers was to eliminate the source: The United States.

The truth is that the suffering of these people was overwhelmingly the result of ruthless leaders of these Muslim-Nations and the oppression of their ideology and not the causes peddled by bin Laden.

This brings us to the Obama, domestic version of al-Qaeda Policy. President Obama has used the same manipulative recruiting philosophy for his agenda as Osama bin Laden did for his. In his gun-control speech this week, he cited a 4-year old victim’s story by saying, “care enough about a little boy like Daniel, to make common sense steps to save lives and protect more of our children.” The essence of this statement is that if we don’t do something, there will be more boys like Daniel killed in shootings like Newtown. The “cause?” Gun Control to stop more victims from shootings like Newtown. The reality? Nothing he is proposing would have stopped Adam Lanza, the shooter, from getting a gun. Lanza was a patient with mental illness, but he stole the guns from his mother.


This outline takes the same trajectory as used to radicalize terrorists. Invite them to care and join the cause. Once they join the cause (of gun control), then say we have to do even more if we want to succeed for little boys like Daniel. And, before long, we have a National gun registry or outright confiscation. The latter two results being equivalent to radicalization.

While I would never wish to fully relate the policies and consequences of President Obama with the policies and consequences of al-Qaeda, the manipulation is precisely the same: Take unrelated issues, make irrelevant associations and tug at the hearts of ignorant people to support your cause, in order to make themselves feel like they are doing something to solve a problem.

The President’s agenda is very dangerous as it divides us as people and dismisses those who disagree, as inferior, while doing nothing to solve the stated problem.

The President tells us that 30,000 people die of gun violence every year (nearly 2/3 of them are suicides). We also have roughly 30,000 fatalities from car accidents each year. Should we start the banning process of cars too?

Fear is the most powerful emotion. We must stop reacting to it especially when it’s coming from a manipulative President acting out of the radicals’ playbook.


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